Creating a U-M Friend Account

Through U-M guest accounts, or “Friend” accounts, users can obtain a username and set a password for limited access to the U-M computing environment.

After you create a password for your Friend account, you can use the “Account Login” link above to log into the Bentley’s website to finish registration. You can then submit requests to view Bentley materials in our Reading Room.

How to Set Up a U-M Friend Account

  1. First, you need to have an e-mail address that does not end in “”.
  2. Next, visit the Request a Friend Account page:
  3. In the Your e-mail address box, enter your full email address (your email address will be your login ID), and then click Request.
    Friend Account Creation
  4. You’ll get a confirmation showing that your Friend account request has been submitted. A message has been sent to the email address you provided with further instructions. So check your inbox!
    Friend Account Creation
  5. Log into your personal email for the U-M Friend Account Request email. Here are links to several common email services:
  6. The U-M Friend Account Request e-mail message sent to you contains a link. Click the Create Friend Account link in the message to go to a web page where you continue to create your Friend account. (Depending on which email service you use, the message may be formatted differently.)
    Friend Account Creation
    If you don’t see the message, check your spam or junk folder! The message will be from
  7. In the Your e-mail address box, type your full email address. Select a password and, in the Password box, type your selected password. In the Re-enter password box, retype the password to confirm your selection. Click Set Password.Friend Account Creation
  8. You will get a confirmation email when your Friend account has been created.

Congratulations! You’re ready to register!

You’re all set with your U-M Friend account–keep going! Now you can use your friend account to register and begin requesting Bentley collections.