The Architectural Drawings of Jens Jensen


Ground plan and planting plan
Map of location of the canal in the E1/2 of section 11 T. 7 N. R. 17 E. Property of Mr. Fred Pabst
Plan of the new addition to the estate of Fred Pabst, Esq
Planting design and ground plan for the country estate of Mr. Frederick Pabst, esq.
Planting design of Ellis Park. Special Park Commissioners - Chicago
Planting plan around the Supreme Court building.
Planting plan of formal garden for Garfield Park
Planting plan of Garfield Park
Planting plan of part of grounds. The property of B.F. Bush
Planting plan. E. W. Wagner, Esq.
Plat of park. Women's Department. House of Correction.
Proposed change and planting plan to park in women's department. House of Correction.
Proposed planting plan of the west part of Humboldt park
Washington Park.