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Beyond the Field

The powerful oral histories of 28 African American athletes have been digitized and made available online through the Bentley’s new Digital Media Library. Hear in their own words the stories of athletes who overcame adversity to triumph on the field and off.

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Bentley Magazine

When you think of Ann B. Davis, it’s as the center square of a grid on the Brady Bunch, surrounded by the loving people who weren’t related to her but nonetheless — somehow, as the song said — formed a family. So what led her to life in a religious communal home in Colorado? Find out in the latest issue of Collections magazine.

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The Trailblazer

Sixty-five years ago, scientist and educator Pearl Kendrick became a lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology at U-M. It was a capstone in an incredible career fighting to reduce mortality from infectious diseases, which in 1920, were responsible for 35 percent of deaths. Her life’s work would change the landscape of infectious disease and save countless lives.

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Photo of the Month
Two paddlers in a canoe on the Huron River, circa 1905. Photo by George R. Swain.


Old Ann Arbor Postcards

Bentley Historical Library postcard collection, dating from the 1890s, much of which has been digitized and is available through the Bentley Image Bank.