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The Bentley Historical Library is a place both of rich heritage and new discoveries. Those who use our collections—historians, students, the avidly curious, and more—know that there are stories behind every photograph, every letter, every book. Come read about our treasures: in the archive, on display, and on stage through talks and lectures.

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  • Grand History in the Making

    Sandwiched between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas is a legendary hotel with more than 130 years of memorable moments. The Bentley Historical Library has partnered with the Grand Hotel to digitize, conserve, and preserve thousands of photos from the hotel’s history. Enjoy this slideshow of some of our favorite snapshots.

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  • Please Join Us for a History Lecture with Director McDonald

    What is exactly is “the liberal arts?” Join us for a lecture by Bentley Director Terry McDonald, who will trace the (surprisingly short) history of the “liberal arts” in America and at the University of Michigan, where the current form emerged only in the early 1930s.

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