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The Bentley Historical Library is a place both of rich heritage and new discoveries. Those who use our collections—historians, students, the avidly curious, and more—know that there are stories behind every photograph, every letter, every book. Come read about our treasures: in the archive, on display, and on stage through talks and lectures.

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  • Stories from Collections Magazine

    Have you read the latest issue of Collections magazine? You can browse stories online, or download the full magazine. The most recent issue features LGBTQ pioneer Ruth Ellis, code-breaking economist Ross Wilhelm, the White Panther Party, Native American soldiers, and much more.

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  • Mining for Adventure: the Story of Ocha Potter

    Ocha Potter was a global adventurer and miner, with treks that took him from Anchorage to Africa. During the Great Depression, he plotted to save the economy of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula through tourism. His full story, from wilderness to wealth, can be found in his papers at the Bentley Historical Library.

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