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The Bentley Historical Library is a place both of rich heritage and new discoveries. Those who use our collections—historians, students, the avidly curious, and more—know that there are stories behind every photograph, every letter, every book. Come read about our treasures: in the archive, on display, and on stage through talks and lectures.

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  • Five Moments that Shaped U-M

    A meeting in fire-razed Detroit. Two physicists on an Ann Arbor lawn. A lone woman in a Greek class in 1866. A protest at the president’s house. The fight for gay rights. Here are five of the moments and movements that altered the course of Michigan history, and the Bentley collections that tell the story.

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  • Behind the Camera in Detroit and Beyond

    Filmmaker Sue Marx has Emmys and an Academy Award to her name, and as her new collection at the Bentley shows, she’s never forgotten her roots in Detroit or the truth about what makes a good story. Read more about Marx’s pioneering career and her incredible contribution to the Bentley.

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