The Architectural Drawings of Jens Jensen


A detail plan of spring. Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium
A plan of the children's camp and detail of pool on the grounds of the Chicago Tuberculosis Sanitarium
A planting plan for a portion of the estate of Mr. W. David Owen.
A planting plan for the grounds of Mr. C.C. LeForgee
A planting plan for the property of Mr. Charles Folds
A topographic survey for the Fair Oaks addition
A topographic survey of the west pond area. Estate of Mr. B.F. Stein.
A topographical survey of the property for a subdivision.
General arrangement of manholes, structures and buildings... Substation 88
General plot plan. Farm. Mr. C.M. Leonard
General surroundings of estate of Edsel Ford, Esq.
Horticultural border for the vegetable garden of Mr. R.J. Moore.
House for Edsel Ford, Esq...Southwest Elevation.
Hugh Van Deventer...Topography over swimming pool site
Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium
Perennial planting for the pool and garden on the grounds of Dr. Goethe Link
Plan for toilet. Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium
Planting plan of rose terrace for Mr. F.D. Stalnaker.
Plat of survey of that part...lying south of Lincoln Highway
Plat of topographical survey of the Clifford M. Leonard estate
Revised planting plan for the north side of house of Mrs. F. D. Frawley
Topographical plat. Estate of Mr. B.F. Stein.
Topographical survey...David B. [sic] Owen Estate.