The Architectural Drawings of Jens Jensen

Paepcke, Herman

Driving bridge. H. Paepcke, Esq.
Grounds of Mr. Herman Paepcke...Sketch
Plan of entrance to country home of H. Paepcke, Esq.
Plan of lake bluff and grounds around residence. H. Paepcke, Esq.
Plan showing change in drive and rustic entrance gateway for H. Paepcke, Esq
Planting plan III. H. Paepcke, Esq.
Planting plan.
Planting plan. Entrance to country home.
Planting plan. H. Paepcke, Esq
Planting plan. Part I. Country Home of H. Paepcke, Esq
Planting plan. Part II (bluff section).
Plat showing location of residence for Mr. Herm. Paepcke
Proposed changes on the estate of H. Paepcke, Esq
Rustic bridge for H. Paepcke, Esq
Topographical survey. H. Paepcke, Esq.
Water and sewer system. H. Paepcke, Esq.
[Sketch] for arch for bridge