University of Michigan, Alumni Records - Necrology File Index

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The University of Michigan Necrology File was compiled by the Office of Alumni Records and its predecesors. It includes files on nearly all students who attended the university. This index covers the portion of the file including students who died prior to 1965. Files may include nothing more than the student's registration cards, but may also include notices and articles that appeared in the Michigan Alumnus Magazine, obituaries and newspaper articles and correspondence with the Alumni Office or the Alumus Magazine.

The index entry includes the student's last name, first name, middle name or initial, date of death (if known), graduation date or years of attendance for non-graduates, and academic college or department. Married women are listed under both their maiden and married names.

Codes for academic department are:

a = College of LS&A
e = College of Engineering & Architecture
m = Medical School
l = Law School
p = Pharmacy College
h = Homeopathic Medical School
d = Dental School
g = Graduate School
h = Honorary degree