Soldier Summary

Lawrence P. Keith

Military History

Rank: Lieutenant

Unit: United States. Army. Infantry, 339th. Machine Gun Company.

Medals Awarded
  • Military Cross (M.C.)

Description of Keith in Signal Corps photograph caption (#39153--not in Bentley collection): "2nd Lieut. L.P. Keith, Hdqrs. Co. 339th Regt. Inf. one of first three Americans in Russia to receive military cross from British Government. Lt. Keith gives his home address as 5047 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, Ill. He is a graduate of Colorado Schoolof Mines and University of Illinois. He hold degree of B.S. in Architectural Engineering. Copy of letter conferring decoration is attached. Archangel, Russia. Nov.1, 1918"

ResidenceChicago, IL

The history of the American expedition fighting the Bolsheviki; campaigning in north Russia 1918-1919

History of the 339th Regiment of Infantry, 1917-1926 (with who's who in and roster of the regiment)

United States. Army. Signal Corps photograph collection



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