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U of M Football Programs

[This site includes covers of Michigan football game programs from the holdings of the Bentley Historical Library. It currrently includes scans of all the library's programs from 1894-1930 and selected program covers from 1931-present. More programs will be added as they are scanned. For more information on football programs see the exhibit Art of Football ]

Notre Dame, 1980

Michigan State, 1980

Notre Dame, 1981

Michigan State, 1981

Indiana, 1982

Michigan State, 1982

Michigan State, 1983

Michigan State, 1984

Minnesota, 1984

Notre Dame, 1985

Michigan State, 1985

Notre Dame, 1986

Michigan State, 1986

Notre Dame, 1987

Michigan State, 1987

Notre Dame, 1988

Michigan State, 1988

Notre Dame, 1989