Michigan Senators

Warren Austin, Senator Arthur Vandenberg, and
George C. Marshall at the United Nations Conference,
1945, from the Vandenberg papers

The following is a list of all the persons who have represented Michigan in the United States Senate. The Bentley holds a collection of papers for each of the senators whose name is preceded by an asterisk. For several of the nineteenth-century senators the collections are very small, and may have no relationship to senatorial activities. Almost all of the senators named are represented in other manuscript collections and/or printed materials in the Bentley Historical Library. Information about these other materials may be found in the MIRLYN database using the senator's name.

Name Dates in Office
*Lyon, Lucius1836-1840
Norvell, John1836-1841
Porter, Augustus S.1840-1845
*Woodbridge, William1841-1847
*Cass, Lewis1845-1848, 1849-1857
*Felch, Alpheus 1847-1853
Fitzgerald, Thomas1848-1849
*Stuart, Charles E.1853-1859
*Chandler, Zachariah 1857-1875, 1879
*Bingham, Kinsley S. 1859-1861
Howard, Jacob M. 1862-1871
*Ferry, Thomas W.1871-1883
*Christiancy, Isaac P. 1875-1879
Baldwin, Henry P. 1879-1881
Conger, Omar D. 1881-1887
Palmer, Thomas W.1883-1889
*Stockbridge, Francis B. 1887-1894
*McMillan, James 1889-1902
*Patton, John Jr. 1894-1895
*Burrows, Julius C. 1895-1911
*Alger, Russell A.1902-1907
Smith, William Alden 1907-1919
*Townsend, Charles Elroy 1911-1923
Newberry, Truman H.1919-1922
Couzens, James 1922-1936
*Ferris, Woodbridge N.1923-1928
*Vandenberg, Arthur H. 1928-1951
*Brown, Prentiss M. 1936-1943
*Ferguson, Homer1936-1943
*Moody, Blair1951-1953
*Potter, Charles E.1953-1959
McNamara, Patrick V. 1955-1966
*Hart, Philip A.1959-1976
Griffin, Robert P.1966-1979
*Riegle, Donald W., Jr. 1976-1994
Levin, Carl 1979-
Abraham, Spencer 1995-2001
Stabenow, Debbie 2001-

* collection held at the Bentley Historical Library