UM Band 1897
UM Band, 1897
Ohio State Band
OSU Band, 1894

Just as the Michigan - Ohio State football rivalry has been called the greatest in college sports, the competition between marching bands has been equally spirited. Both make justifiable claims to being the best in the land. Michigan's band claims a number of firsts in its long history, including first Big Ten band to play at a Rose Bowl game and first Big Ten band to play at a Superbowl Game. For a time the UM Band was known as the "Transcontinental Band" because it played in both Yankee Stadium and the Rose Bowl in 1950.

The Ohio State band can cite an equally impressive list of firsts and humbly bills itself under the acronym TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band In The Land). If those claims seem a bit outlandish, the judges of the Sudler Trophy, given annually to the college band of particular excellence, confirmed them by awarding Michigan the first trophy in 1982 and Ohio State the third in 1984.

UM Band OSU Band
1896 Year Formed 1878
1897 First Football
Game Performance
Eugene "Ike" Fisher, 1906 1st Director 1896, Gustave Bruder
George Olsen, 1914 1st Drum Major 1920, Tubby Essington
1914 1st Marching Formation 1921
1972 1st Female Members 1973
Karen England, 2001 1st Female Drum Major 1981, Shelley Graf
1982 Sudler Trophy 1984
1973 SuperBowl Appearance
1st Album Recorded 1958
Drum major backbend
Block M formation
Goalpost baton toss
High step march (youtube)
Traditions Ramp Entrance (youtube)
Script Ohio
Skull Sessions
Drum major backbend
The Victors
The Yellow and Blue
Songs Carmen Ohio (youtube)
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