1897 UM team photo
1897 Michigan Football Team
1897 Ohio State Team Photo
1897 Ohio State Football Team

The ongoing rivalry between The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan was established the first time the teams went head-to-head in 1897. Since that game, an enduring battle of athleticism has grown to form one of college football's greatest rivalries. The pendulum swings of victory and defeat between the two teams has created high anticipation for each year's matchup. When the game date moved to the end of the season in 1935, the rivalry became even more intense as if often determined conference championships, trips to bowl games and national rankings.

The rivalry's story is told not just in wins and losses, but in a host of team and individual statistics and program comparisons.

Tom Harmon OSU 1940
Tom Harmon leaving field, 1940
UM-OSU Game Films, 1927-1989
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1922 UM-OSU game program   1927 UM-OSU game program
Stadium Dedication Programs
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It's not just a blood battle on the field.
"Ohio State/Michigan Week" has grown beyond the football game to include the annual blood battle, which benefits the Red Cross, food collection for food banks, and spirit events such as banner contests. OSU and UM have turned the rivalry into an event that helps people across school lines.

Explore the history of the rivalry in this website jointly created and hosted by the University of Michigan's Bentley Historical Library and The Ohio State University Archives.