One measure of a football program's status is the number of All-American players it has produced. The numbers can be a bit tricky, however, as many individuals and organizations have named All-American teams over the years and each school compiles its own "official" list of first team All-American selections that it recognizes. William Cunningham (tackle) was Michigan's first All-American in 1898. UM had nine All-Americans before Ohio State received its first award when Boyd Cherry was named at the end position in 1914. Since then OSU has built a significant lead in the total number of All-American awards, based on its many multiple winners, but the number of individual All-Americans remains close.

Boyd Cerry
Boyd Cherry,
End, 1914
First Team All-Americans
Total All-American Awards 199 161
Number of Individuals 150


Two-time All-Americans 31 23
Three-time All-Americans 8 2
William Cunningham
Will Cunningham,
Center, 1898

Since Walter Camp picked Cunningham for his team in 1898, Michigan has had at least one All-American in all but 35 years. Ohio State boasts a better percentage over a shorter time-span with All-Americans in all but 18 seasons since 1914. OSU's best year was 1974 with seven selections, while Michigan garnered five All-Americans in 1981.

LeCharles Bentley,
Center, 2001

Mike Doss
Mike Doss,
Safety, 2001
All-Americans by Position
OSUPosition UM
(25)* 33End 31 (24)*
(27) 35 Tackle 39 (31)
(23) 27 Guard 18 (15)
(12) 13Center15 (14)
(13) 23Halfback 15 (13)
(6) 7Fullback4(4)
(6) 6Quarterback 8# (7)
(13) 21 Linebacker8(8)
(20) 26 Defensive Back 22 (18)
(3) 5Punter
(1) 2 Kicker 1 (1)
(1)1 Punt Returner
Marquis Walker
Marquise Walker,
Receiver, 2001

Larry Foote
Larry Foote,
Linebacker, 2001

* this column indicates the number of different individuals named all-American
# 2010 quarterback Denard Robinson was named by Football Writers Association simply as a "back".