Both Ohio State and Michigan have sent many players on to professional football.  Michigan lists Ernest Hughitt, varsity 1912-1914, as it's earliest player to join the professional ranks- playing for the Buffalo All-Americans,1920-1924.  Also on the 1920 Buffalo squad was Cedric Smith,  varsity fullback from 1915-1917.  Ohio State lists Chic Harley as its first professional player.  The 1916 All-American halfback played for the Chicago Bears in1921.

The National Football League instituted its college player draft in 1936.  Since then  the number of first- round draft choices has become one more measure of competition between the schools.  Ohio State had its first first-round choice in 1938 draft when halfback James McDonald was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Three years later Michigan  had a pair of first-round choices: quarterback Forrest Evashevski, chosen by the  Washington Redskins, and Tom Harmon, the number one overall pick of the Chicago Bears.  Neither Evashevski or Harmon played for the teams that drafted them however.

First-round Draft Choices 59 49
Overall Number 1 ChoiceTom Cousineau, 1979
Dan Wilkinson, 1994
Orlando Pace, 1997
Tom Harmon, 1941
Jake Long, 2008
Most in One Year 1971, 4 3, 1995 and 2001

Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald, 1938

Nate Clements
Nate Clements, 2001

Ryan Pickett
Ryan Pickett, 2001
First-Round Draft Choices by Position
17 Tackle 10
10Defensive Back6
0 Kicker/Punter0
Forrest Evashevski
Forrest Evashevski, 1941

David Terrell
David Terrell, 2001

Steve Hutchinson
Steve Hutchinson, 2001

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