Vertical File: FT.3 Political Organizations

Call no. Request Topic
FT.3RequestActive Transformation
FT.3RequestAlliance for Democracy and Diversity
FT.3RequestAmericans for Democratic Action
FT.3RequestArab American Political Action Committee
FT.3RequestBagwell Booster Organization of Michigan
FT.3RequestBlack Legion [See also Out box]
FT.3RequestCitizens for Compassionate Care
[Civil Rights Organizations SEE: FJ Civil Rights Organizations and EA.5c Civil Rights]]
FT.3RequestCoalition Against the Contract on America. 1995
FT.3RequestCollege Libertarians
FT.3RequestCommittee to Free John Sinclair. ca. 1970
FT.3RequestCommittee to Repeal the Callahan Act
FT.3RequestCommon Cause in Michigan
FT.3RequestConstitutional Alliance, Inc.
FT.3RequestCovenant for Peace
FT.3RequestDemocratic Clubs
FT.3RequestDemocratic Socialists of America
FT.3RequestEleanor Roosevelt League of Women
FT.3RequestEthical Good Government
[Green Party SEE: FN.2]]
FT.3RequestHamilton Club. (Women, 1919- )
FT.3RequestHistorians Against the War
FT.3RequestHome Patriots of Michigan
FT.3RequestIndustrial Republic Association of Michigan
FT.3RequestInside Michigan Politics
FT.3RequestInternational Reform Federation
FT.3RequestJackson Campaign Club (1864)
FT.3RequestJesse Jackson Committee (1987)
FT.3RequestJohn Birch Society
FT.3RequestKu Klux Klan
FT.3RequestLatin Americans United in Political Action
FT.3RequestLeague of Women Voters
FT.3RequestMichigan All-Media News & Advisory Service
FT.3RequestMichigan Citizen Action
FT.3RequestMichigan Citizens for Better Government
FT.3RequestMichigan Citizens Lobby
FT.3RequestMichigan Committee for Representative Government
FT.3RequestMichigan Legislative Council
[Michigan State Grange SEE: FG Michigan State Grange]]
FT.3RequestMichigan Township Association
FT.3RequestMichigan Whistleblower
FT.3RequestNational Association Opposed to Prohibition
FT.3RequestNeo-Nazi Organizations: Statecraft
FT.3RequestNews and Letters Committee
FT.3RequestParamilitary groups, unofficial militia. Misc. and General.
FT.3RequestPaul Revere Society
FT.3RequestPolitical Organizations. Miscellaneous and general
FT.3RequestPride Pac - Political Action Committee
FT.3RequestPro-Choice groups. Misc. and General.
FT.3RequestRefuse and Resist
FT.3RequestRepublican Clubs. Misc.
FT.3RequestRepublican Clubs. Zach Chandler
FT.3RequestRevolutionary Workers League
FT.3RequestSpotlight. A report on the Smith Act Trials
FT.3RequestStatewide Lesbian Political Action Conference
FT.3RequestThe Objectivist Club of Michigan
FT.3RequestTisch, Citizens United for
FT.3RequestUnion League of Michigan
FT.3RequestV.I.N.E. - Voter Initiative for November Elections