Vertical File: Religious organizations (including churches)

Materials relating to Michigan churches and other religious organizations. Within this section, local churches and other institutions are listed first, followed by general and miscellaneous folders about the denomination in Michigan or a particular place (number followed by ".1"), followed by folders about specific dioceses or other local or statewide organizations (number followed by ".2").

Call no. Topic
FA Miscellaneous Faiths, Denominations, and Local Groups
FA 1 Interdenominational and Miscellaneous Groups
FA 3 African Methodist Episcopal
FA 5 Assemblies of God
FA 6 Baptist
FA 8 Catholic
FA 9 Christian Reformed
FA 10 Church of Christ, Scientist
FA 11 Church of the Nazarene
FA 12 Independent, Non-Denominational, Community, and Union Churches
FA 13 Congregational
FA 14 Church of God in Christ
FA 15 Disciples of Christ
FA 17 Evangelical and Reformed
FA 18 Evangelical United Brethren
FA 20 Free Methodist
FA 21 Friends
FA 23 Orthodox
FA 25 House of David
FA 26 Islam
FA 27 Judaism
FA 29 Lutheran
FA 30 Moravian
FA 31 Mennonite
FA 32 Methodist
FA 34 Holiness
FA 35 Mormon
FA 36 Presbyterian
FA 37 Protestant Episcopal
FA 39 Reformed Church in America
FA 41 Seventh Day Adventist
FA 43 Unitarian
FA 44 United Church of Christ
FA 45 Universalist
FA 47 Wesleyan Methodist
FA 48 Hindu