Vertical File: Labor Groups

Materials relating to Michigan labor unions and other labor organizations.

Call no. Request Topic
FQRequestAmerican Foundrymen's Society
FQRequestAmerican Labor League
FQRequestAnn Arbor Typographical Union
FQRequestAssociation of Catholic Trade Unionists
FQRequestBrotherhood of Painters, Decorators & Paperhangers of America
FQRequestConsumers League of Michigan
FQRequestDetroit Council for Industrial Peace
FQRequestFarm Labor Organizing Committee
FQRequestGrand Lodge of the Ancient Order of United Workmen
FQRequestIWW (International Workers of the World)
FQRequestLabor organizations. Misc. and general
FQRequestLabor riots, marches, parades, etc. Miscellaneous and general
FQRequestLeague of Revolutionary Black Workers
FQRequestMetropolitan Council of Newspaper Unions
FQRequestMichigan Federation of Typographical Unions
FQRequestMichigan State AFL-CIO
FQRequestMichigan State Employee's Association
FQRequestStrikes (Sit-down strike of 1937). Flint
FQRequestStrikes. Miscellanoeus and general
FQRequestTrade Union Leadership Council
FQRequestUAW-CIO United Automobile Workers
FQRequestUnited Farm Workers