Vertical File: Educational Groups

Materials relating to Michigan educational groups.

Call no. Request Topic
FHRequestAmerican Association of University Professors. Michigan Conference.
FHRequestAmerican Association of University Women. Misc. (2 folders)
FHRequestAmerican Studies Association of Michigan
FHRequestAssociation of Michigan Collegiate Faculties
FHRequestEducators Association. Ann Arbor
FHRequestExaminations Questions
FHRequestHigh/Scope Educational Foundation
FHRequestJackson County Teachers' Institute
FHRequestMichigan Catholic Conference Job Training Program
FHRequestMichigan Child Study Association
FHRequestMichigan Colleges Foundation, Inc.
FHRequestMichigan Congress of Parents & Teachers
FHRequestMichigan Council of State College Presidents
FHRequestMichigan Council of Teachers of English
FHRequestMichigan Council on Economic Education
FHRequestMichigan Education Association/Michigan State Teachers' Association
FHRequestMichigan High School Athletic Association
FHRequestMichigan Music Teachers' Association
FHRequestMichigan Oratorical League
FHRequestMichigan Physical Education Association and Council
FHRequestMichigan Schoolmasters Club
FHRequestMichigan Teacher Education Topics
FHRequestMichigan Teachers' Institutes
FHRequestMichigan Young Peoples' Reading Circle
FHRequestNational Coalition of Alternative Community Schools
FHRequestNEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, Inc.)
FHRequestSouthwestern Michigan Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges
FHRequestStudent Advocacy Center
FHRequestYouth For Understanding (Ann Arbor)
FHRequestYouth LINKS U.S.A.