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  O'Brien Family (Detroit), papers
O'Brien, James F., papers
O'Brien, Michael, sound recordings
O'Brien, Thomas J., papers
O'Dell, Frederick C., papers
O'Farrell, Brigid, papers
O'Hara, James G., papers
O'Neal, Joe, papers
Odjard, Otto A., papers
Ohio Council on Alcohol Problems, records
Okkelberg, Peter Claus, papers
Old West Side Association, records
Older Women's League. Michigan Federation, records
Older Women's League. Royal Oak Chapter (Mich.), records
Olencki, Edward, papers
Olmsted, Martha, papers
Olson, Gary M., papers
Olson, Norman, papers
Olson, Willard C., papers
One United Michigan, records
Oosterbaan, Bennie, papers
Order of Pythian Sisters. Huron-Arbor Temple No. 66 (Ypsilanti), records
Organization for Tropical Studies, records
Organski, A.F.K., papers
Original Dulcimer Players Club, records
Orlebeke, Charles J., papers
Osborn, Chase Salmon, papers
Osborn, Stellanova, 1894-1988, papers
Osler, David W., papers
Ostafin, Peter A., papers
Ouradnik, Francis W., papers
Overberger, Charles, papers
Owen, Norman [collector], papers
Owens, John, Jean King oral histories
Ozone House, records
  Pacosz, Christina V. , papers
Palazzolo, Laurie, collection
Palmer family (Ann Arbor), papers
Palmer family (Pontiac), papers
Palmer, David Wheeler, papers
Palmer, George, papers
Panchuk, John, papers
Paralyzed Veterans of America. Michigan Chapter, records
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Lansing Area chapter, records
Paris Grange no. 19, records
Parish Partnerships of Washtenaw County, records
Parishfield, records
Parker, Franklin L., papers
Parkhurst, John Gibson, papers
Parkhurst, John Gibson, papers
Parkinson, William C., papers
Parks, Lyman S., papers
Parrish, Silver, papers
Parsons, Jeffrey R., papers
Paton, William A., papers
Patrick, Lawrence C., papers
Pattengill Family, papers
Pattengill, Henry Romaine, papers
Patterson Family, papers
Patterson, John C., papers
Patterson, L. Brooks, papers
Patterson, Willis C., papers
Payne, William Harold, papers
Penn Central Transportation Company, records
Pennington, Jasper Green, papers
Penrod/Hiawatha Co., records
Peoples Campaign for Choice, records
Pepin, George E., papers
Pepper, Samuel D., papers
Perazza, Julio, papers
Perigo, Donald, papers
Perrone, Dominic J., Jr., papers
Perry, Maude, papers
Perry, Stuart, papers
Peters, Kenneth Earl, collector, collection
Peterson, Elly McMillan, papers
Peterson, John A., papers
Peterson, Reuben, papers
Phelps Brothers (Manton, Mich.), records
Phelps, Dudley Maynard, papers
Phelps, William Henry, papers
Phillips, Albert James, papers
Phillips, Harriett, papers
Picard, Frank A., papers
Pierce, Edward, papers
Pierce, William J., papers
Piers, John J., papers
Pierson family, papers
Pillsbury, W. B. (Walter Bowers), papers
Pillsbury, Walter B. (pamphlets & reprints), printed
Pinkus, Hermann, papers
Pioneer Band Association, records
Pittsfield (Mich. : Township), records
Plamondon, Pun, papers
Planned Parenthood League, Inc. (Detroit, Mich.), records
Planned Parenthood of Mid-Michigan, records
Plant, Marcus, papers
Plaza Land Company, records
Pleasant Lakes Club, records
Plumer, James M., papers
Polar Bear Association., photographs
Polasky, Alan, papers
Polish Activities League (Detroit, Mich.), records
Pollack, Lana, papers
Pollack, Peter, papers
Pollard, William, papers
Pollock, James Kerr, papers
Pond Family, papers
Pontiac Area Urban League, records
Poole, S. Alicia, papers
Porter, William E., papers
Porzondek, Anthony B., papers
Post family, papers
Posthumus, Dick, papers
Postum Company, records
Potter, Charles E., papers
Potts, Robert L., papers
Pound, Arthur, papers
Power, Eugene B., papers
Power, Philip H., papers
Power, Sadye, papers
Power, Sarah, papers
Powrie family, papers
Pray, Frank F., papers
Pray, George R., papers
Pray, George Washington, papers
Preston Family, papers
Price, Hereward T., papers
Price, Hickman, papers
Price, Jacob M., papers
Price, Margaret Bayne, papers
Price, William George, Jr. , papers
Primm, Clarence J., papers
Prison Creative Arts Project, records
Professional Secretaries International. Huron Valley Chapter (Mich.), records
Prohibition Party National Committee (U.S.), records
Promote Michigan Committee, records
Public Interest Research Group in Michigan, records

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