1947 Football Team

Overall Record: 10-0 Conference Record: 6-0
Conference Finish: 1st place tie
National Ranking: AP - No. 1*
Coach: Herbert O. "Fritz" Crisler
Captain: Bruce Hilkene
All-Americans: Robert Chappuis, Chalmers (Bump) Elliott
All-Conference: Bob Mann, Howard Yerges, Bob Chappuis, Chalmers Elliott
Most Valuable Player: Chalmers (Bump) Elliott
Meyer Morton Award: Alvin Wistert
Trainer: James E. Hunt
Assistant coaches: Jack Blott, George Ceithaml, Forrest Jordan, Clifford Keen, Ernest McCoy, Bennie Oosterbaan, Arthur Valpey, Walter Weber
Manager: E. Kirk McKinney Jr.

OpponentRankDateSiteResult Attend.
Michigan State 09/27 H W 55-0 72,015
Stanford 10/04 H W 49-13 66,779
Pittsburgh  2/- 10/11 H W 69-0 60,085
Northwestern  1/- 10/18 A W 49-21 47,260
Minnesota (HC)  1/- 10/25 H W 13-6 85,938
Illinois  2/11 11/01 A W 14-7 68,487
Indiana  2/- 11/08 H W 35-0 85,938
Wisconsin  2/- 11/15 A W 40-6 42,335
Ohio State  1/- 11/22 H W 21-0 85,938
U.S.C.  2/8 01/01 1 W 49-0 87,516
Totals 394-53702,291

1 - Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
*   Michigan and Notre Dame had traded the top spot in the polls through much of the season. Notre Dame was No. 1 and Michigan No. 2 in the final regular season poll. In an unprecedented post-bowl games poll, the Associated Press named Michigan No. 1 on the strength of the Wolverines' decisive win over Southern California in the Rose Bowl. Notre Dame had been less dominant in its season ending win over the Trojans.

Starting Lineups                  
left end Bob Mann (8)
Ed McNeill
Len Ford
left tackle Bruce Hilkene (8)
Alvin Wistert (2)
left guard Dominic Tomasi (7)
Joe Soboleski (3)
center J.T. White (8)
Jim Brieske
Dan Dworsky
right guard Stu Wilkins (9)
Quentin Sickels
right tackle Bill Pritula (9)
Ralph Kohl
right end Dick Rifenburg (9)
Ed McNeill
quarterback Howard Yerges (9)
Gene Derricotte
fullback Jack Weisenburger (7)
Dick Kempthorn
Dan Dworsky
Tom Peterson
left halfback Bob Chappuis (9)
Jack Wiesenburger
right halfback Bump Elliott (10)

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1947 Team Photo

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[Note: photo includes only varsity letter winners]

Back Row
Kurt Kampe, Tom Peterson, Dan Dworsky, Robert Hollway, Pete Dendrinos, Ed McNeil, Gene Derricotte
3rd row Row
mngr. E. Kirk McKinney, Wally Teninga, Don McClelland, Lloyd Heneveld, Jim Brieske, Richard Kempthorn, Donovan Hershberger, Irv Wisniewski, Len Ford
2nd Row
George Kiesel, Joe Sobeleski, Ralph Kohl, Quentin Sickles, Alvin Wistert, George Johnson, Robert Chappuis, Pete Elliott, Chalmers "Bump" Elliott
Front Row
Howard Yerges, Jack Weisenburger, Dick Rifenburg, Bill Pritula, captain Bruce Hilkene, Dominic Tomasi, Bob Mann, Stuart Wilkins, John T. White

1947 Team at Rose Bowl Practice Field
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Back Row
Howard Yerges, Bump Elliott, Stu Wilkins, Dick Rifenburg, J.T. White, John Anderson, Alvin Wistert, Dick Kempthorn, Bill Pritula, Bob Chappuis, Bob Mann
3rd Row
Irv Small, Henry Fonde, Tom Peterson, John Ghindia, Dan Hershberger, Irv Wisniewski, Jim Atchison, Lenny Ford, Bob Hollway, Don McClelland, Norm Jackson, Kurt Kampe
2nd Row
Ed McNeil, Pete Elliott, Walt Teninga, George Johnson, Ralph Kohl, H.O. Crisler, Bruce Hilkene, Dan Dworsky, Joe Soboleski, Quentin Sickels, Dick Strauss, Bob Erben
Front Row
Chuck Lentz, Jim Brieske, Pete Dendrinos, Don Kuick, George Kiesel, Bob Ballou, Lloyd Heneveld, Gene Derricotte, Dominic Tomasi, Jack Weisenburger

Crisler Speaking to 1947 Team at Rose Bowl Practice Field

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