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From the second modern Olympic Games held in Paris in 1900 to the 2014 games in Sochi, the University of Michigan has made its mark in Olympic competition. Including the squads for the Sochi games, 249 U of M students (200 varsity athletes) and coaches have participated in the Olympics, representing the U.S. and 28 other countries. Sixty athletes have qualified for multiple Olympic games: one athlete has participated in six Olympics, one haseen to five games, four athletes have qualified in four Olympiads, 15 have made three appearances and 45 have been two-time Olympians. They have won 157 medals: 75 gold, 40 silver, and 42 bronze. Michigan has had medal winners in every Summer Olympics except 1896 and gold medallists in all but four Summer Olympiads. (Medal totals include swimmers who swam only the qualifying races in an event. It is unclear if they have always actually been awarded medals.)

In 2008 a U-M Engineering student won the first U-M medals in the Paralympic games: a gold and silver in men's track.

track gold medalists
Michigan's Track Gold Medallists
Dvorak, Schule, Rose, Hahn, Craig, Hubbard, Tolan

Thirty-two U of M coaches, former athletes, and administrators have served as coaches or managers of national. teams. The University's Ferry Field was the site of the Midwest trials for the 1924 U.S. track team. U of M athletes have been prominent, at times dominant, in track, swimming, and diving, but have also won medals in baseball, basketball, Greco-Roman wrestling, kayaking and fencing.

swimming gold medalists
Michigan Individual Swimming Gold Medallists
Davies, Robie, Barrowman, Dolan, Malchow, Ketchum, Phelps, Clary

This exhibit provides what we believe is a complete roster of University of Michigan students, alumni, coaches and administrators who have participated in the Olympics as athletes, coaches, managers or Olympic Committee officials.

diving gold medalists
Michigan Diving Gold Medallists
Degener, Webster, King, Boggs

The exhibit is organized by Olympiad. You can follow U of M athletes in several ways:

The "page" for each Olympic year includes text, images and statistics.

UM gold medalists
Michigan Gold Medallists
Clawson, Hubbard, Fraser, Barton, Abbott, Gorski
, Armstrong

* Most of the images included in this exhibit are from the collections of the Bentley Historical Library. Some images have been obtained from other archives or printed sources. Most of the images are from the athletes' U of M career rather than their Olympic performances. A list of photo credits and citations is included at the bottom of each exhibit "page." The exhibit and most of the images are copyrighted and should not be downloaded, redistributed or reproduced in any way without permission from the Bentley Historical Library.

"Michigan in the Olympics" was researched and prepared by Greg Kinney. Send comments or questions about the exhibit to: gkinney@umich.edu.

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