Regents of the University of Michigan

Governor Stevens T. Mason made
the appointments the first Board of
Regents in the Spring of 1837.
(This portrait of the Stevens T.
Mason hangs in the directors office
of the Bentley Historical Library.)

The governing board of the University of Michigan has undergone several major changes in structure and method of selection since the founding of the Catholepistemiad in 1817. The first board, covering the period 1817-1821, consisted simply of the officers of the university. In 1821 a Board of Trustees was established comprised of twenty members appointed by the territorial governor, who was himself an ex officio member. With the coming of statehood in 1837, the name was changed to the Board of Regents and the number of members reduced to ten, but appointments were still made by the governor. The new constitution of 1850 provided for election of the board, with a member representing each circuit court district. The final major change to the Board came in 1863 with provisions that the board would consist of eight members elected at-large for eight year terms. The terms would be staggered with two members elected each to 2, 4, 6 and eight year terms in the 1864 spring election. In 1963 the election date was changed to the Fall with terms beginning the following January first.

List of University of Michigan Regents, 1817-2013

Cathaloepistemiad, 1871-1821 | Trustees, 1821-1837

Board of Regents, terms beginning in:
1837 | 1851 | 1875 | 1901 | 1925 | 1951 | 1975 | 2000

(Underlined names are links to the finding aid for regent's papers at the Bentley Historical Library.)

The Catholepistemiad or University of Michigania, 1817-1821

Dates Home Town Office/Type Remarks
Monteith, John 1817 Detroit Faculty Professor of Universal Science and
President, ex officio
Richard, Gabriel 1817 Detroit Faculty Professor of Intellectual Sciences and
Vice-President, ex officio
Monteith, John 1817 Detroit President
Richard, Gabriel 1817Detroit Vice-President
Whiting, John L. 1817 Detroit Register
Abbott, James 1820 Detroit Treasurer
Edwards, Abraham 1821 Detroit Treasurer

The Trustees of the University of Michigan, 1821-1837

Trustee Dates Home Town Office/Type Remarks
Woodbridge, William 1821-1827 Acting Governor several brief intervals
Cass, Lewis 1822-1831 Detroit Governor
Witherell, James 1830 Acting Governor Jan. April
Mason, John T. 1830-1831 Acting Governor two brief intervals
Porter, George B. 1831-1834 Governor
Mason, Stevens Thomson 1831-1834 Acting Governor several brief intervals
1834-1835 Governor, ex officio
1835-1837 Governor
Horner, John S. 1835 Acting Governor Sept.-Nov.
Biddle, John 1821-1837 Appointed
Boilvin, Nicholas 1821-1837 Appointed
LeRoy, Daniel 1821-1837 Appointed
Clemons, Christian 1821 Appointed
Puthoff, William H. 1821-1837 Appointed
Anderson, John 1821-1837 Appointed
Hunt, John 1821-1827 Appointed
Larned, Charles 1821-1834 Appointed
Richard, Gabriel 1821-1832 Appointed
Williams, John R. 1821-1837 Appointed
Sibley, Solomon 1821-1837 Appointed
Monteith, John 1821 Appointed
Hunt, Henry J. 1821-1826 Appointed
Leib, John L. 1821-1837 Appointed
Desnoyers, Peter J. 1821-1837 Appointed
Wing, Austin E. 1821-1837 Appointed
Woodbridge, William 1821-1837 Appointed
Stead, Benjamin 1821 Appointed
Lecuyer, Philip 1821-1834 Appointed
Brown, William 1821-1837 Appointed
Edwards, Abraham 1822-1837 Appointed
Rowland, Thomas 1822-1837 Appointed
Kearsley, Jonathan 1827-1837 Appointed
Wells, Noah M. 1827-1837 Appointed
Kingsley, James 1827-1837 Appointed
Humphrey, L. 1827-1837 Appointed
Bury, Richard 1827-1837 Appointed
McDonnell, John 1835-1837 Appointed
Norvell, John 1837 Appointed
Wilkins, Ross T. 1837 Appointed

University of Michigan Board of Regents, 1837-

Regent Dates Home Town Office/Type Remarks
Fitzgerald, Thomas 1837 Niles appointed resigned before first meeting
McClelland, Robert 1837, 1850-1852 Monroe appointed resigned in 1837; reappointed, 1850
Hoffman, Michael 1837-1838 Saginaw appointed resigned, 1838
Porter, John Frederich 1837-1838 St. Joseph appointed replaced Fitzgerald; resigned, 1838
Lyon, Lucius 1837-1839 Detroit appointed
Murphy, Seba 1837-1839 Monroe appointed replaced McClelland; resigned 1839
Norvell, John 1837-1839 Detroit appointed resigned, 1839
Adam, John Johnstone 1837-1840 Tecumseh appointed resigned, 1840
Denton, Samuel 1837-1840 Ann Arbor appointed
Mason, Stevens Thomson 1837-1840 Detroit Governor ex officio with power to vote
Mundy, Edward 1837-1840 Ann Arbor Lt. Governor served also as appointed Regent
Whittemore, Gideon Olin 1837-1840 Pontiac appointed
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe 1837-1841 Detroit appointed
Fletcher, William Asa 1837-1842 Ann Arbor Supreme Court
served also as appointed Regent
Morell, George 1837-1842 Detroit Supreme Court
Wilkins, Ross T. 1837-1842 Detroit appointed
Ransom, Epaphroditus 1837-1842, 1843-1848 Kalamazoo Supreme Court
served also as appointed Regent
Farnsworth, Elon 1837-1842, 1846 Detroit Chancellor served also as appt/elct. Regent
Crary, Isaac 1837-1843 Marshall appointed
Pitcher, Zina 1837-1852 Detroit appointed
Mundy, Edward 1838 Ann Arbor Acting Governor
Leech, Gurdon C. 1838-1840 Utica appointed replaced Hoffman
Whipple, Charles W. 1838-1851 Detroit Supreme Court
Kearsley, Jonathan 1838-1852 Detroit appointed replaced Porter
Brown, Joseph W. 1839-1840 Tecumseh appointed replaced Murphy; resigned, 1840
Trowbridge, Charles Christopher 1839-1842 Detroit appointed replaced Norvell
Duffield, George (Sr.) 1839-1843, 1844-1848 Detroit appointed replaced Lyon, 1839; reappointed, 1844
Dexter, Samuel William 1840-1841 Dexter appointed resigned, 1841
Gordon, James Wright 1840-1841 Marshall Lt. Governor
Higginson, Francis John 1840-1841 Grand Rapids appointed resigned, 1841
Hudson, Daniel 1840-1841 Marshall appointed replaced Brown
Woodbridge, William 1840-1841 Detroit Governor
Patterson, Michael A. 1840-1842, 1852-1857 Tecumseh appointed/
replaced Adam, 1840; elected in 1852
Draper, William 1840-1844 Pontiac appointed
Gordon, James Wright 1841-1842 Marshall Acting Governor
Comstock, Oliver Cromwell 1841-1843 Detroit appointed replaced Dexter; resigned, 1843
Goodman, George 1841-1843 Niles appointed resigned, 1843
Kundig, Martin 1841-1845 Detroit appointed moved to Wisconsin, 1842, but never resigned
Owen, John 1841-1848 Detroit appointed replaced Higginson
Manning, Randolph 1842 Pontiac appointed appointed Chancellor, 1842; served ex officio
Felch, Alpheus 1842-1845 Ann Arbor Supreme Court
Crane, Elisha 1842-1846 Detroit appointed
Fitch, Andrew M. 1842-1846 Albion appointed
Fletcher, William Asa 1842-1846 Ann Arbor appointed
Manning, Randolph 1842-1846 Pontiac Chancellor served also as appointed Regent
Richardson, Origen D. 1842-1846 Pontiac Lt. Governor
Burry, John Steward 1842-1846, 1850-1851 Constantine Governor
Cass, Lewis 1843-1844 Detroit appointed replaced Comstock
Walker, DeWitt Clinton 1843-1844 Romeo appointed replaced Goodman; resigned, 1844
Goodwin, Daniel 1843-1846 Detroit Supreme Court
Allen, Marvin 1843-1852 Ann Arbor appointed
Kellogg, Robert Ransom 1844-1845 Romeo appointed replaced Walker
Mundy, Edward 1844-1848 Ann Arbor appointed
Redfield, Alexander Heman 1844-1852 Cassopolis appointed replaced Crary
Lane, Minot Thayer 1845-1849 Romeo appointed
Wing, Austin E. 1845-1850 Monroe appointed resigned, 1850
Wing, Warner 1845-1852 Monroe Supreme Court
Felch, Alpheus 1846-1847 Ann Arbor Governor
Greenly, William L. 1846-1847 Adrian Lt. Governor
Miles, George 1846-1850 Ann Arbor Supreme Court
Taylor, Charles Coffin 1846-1850 Ann Arbor appointed
Pilcher, Elijah Holmes 1846-1852 Ann Arbor appointed
Farnsworth, Elon 1846-1857 Detroit appointed/
appointed, 1846; elected, 1852
Bush, Charles F. 1847-1848 Ann Arbor Acting Lt. Governor
Greenly, William L. 1847-1848 Adrian Acting Governor
Ransom, Epaphroditus 1848-1850 Kalamazoo Governor
Mundy, Edward 1848-1851 Ann Arbor Supreme Court
Atterbury, John Guest 1848-1852 Flint appointed
Fenton, William Matthew 1848-1852 Flint Lt. Governor
Goodwin, Justus 1848-1852 Union City appointed
Green, Sanford Moon 1848-1852 Owosso/Bay City Supreme Court
Witherell, Benjamin F. Hawkins 1848-1852 Detroit appointed
Cust, Edwin M. 1849 Hamburg appointed resigned, 1849
Foster, Gustavus Lemuel 1850-1852 Jackson appointed replaced Wing
Pratt, Abner 1850-1852 Marshall Supreme Court
Ransom, Epaphroditus 1850-1852 Kalamazoo appointed replaced Cust
Martin, George 1851-1852 Detroit Supreme Court
Parsons, Andrew 1852-1853 Corunna elected resigned, 1853
Ely, Elisha 1852-1854 Allegan elected died in 1854
Kingsley, James 1852-1857 Ann Arbor elected
Moore, Edward Shaw 1852-1857 Three Rivers elected
Palmer, Charles Henry 1852-1857 Romeo/Pontiac elected
Upjohn, William 1852-1857 Hastings elected
Tappan, Henry Philip 1852-1863 Ann Arbor President ex officio with no vote from '52
Northrop, Henry Horatio 1854-1857 Flint elected replaced Parsons
Pack, George W. 1858 Washington elected did not qualify
Van Vleck, John 1858 Holland elected resigned, 1858
Parsons, Luke H. 1858-1862 Corunna elected died, 1862
Baxter, Benjamin Levi 1858-1863 Tecumseh elected
Bishop, Levi 1858-1863 Detroit elected
Bradley, George 1858-1863 Jackson elected
Brown, Ebenezer Lakin 1858-1863 Schoolcraft elected
Ferry, William Montague 1858-1863 Montague elected
McIntyre, Donald 1858-1863 Ann Arbor elected
Spaulding, Oliver Lyman 1858-1863 St. Johns elected replaced Van Vleck
Whiting, Henry 1858-1863 St. Clair elected replaced Pack
Johnson, James Eastman 1858-1869 Niles elected
Haven, Erastus Otis 1863-1869 Ann Arbor President
Sweetzer, Alvah 1864 Port Huron elected died, 1864
Joslin, Thomas Jefferson 1864-1867 Detroit elected
Knight, Henry C. 1864-1867 Detroit elected died, 1867
Sweezey, James Albert 1864-1871 Hastings elected
Willard, George 1864-1873 Kalamazoo elected
Gilbert, Thomas Dwight 1864-1875 Grand Rapids elected
Walker, Edward Carey 1864-1881 Detroit elected
Stockwell, Cyrus Moses 1865-1871 Port Huron appointed replaced Sweetzer
Sill, John Mahelm Berry 1867-1869 Detroit appointed replaced Knight
Burt, Hiram Austin 1868-1875 Marquette elected
Frieze, Henry Simmons 1869-1871 Ann Arbor Acting President
Estabrook, Joseph 1870-1877 Ypsilanti elected
McGowan, Jonas Hartzel 1870-1877 Coldwater elected resigned, Jan. 1877
Angell, James Burrill 1871-1909 Ann Arbor President
Grant, Claudius Buchanan 1872-1879 Ann Arbor/Houghton elected
Rynd, Charles 1872-1879 Adrian elected
Climie, Andrew 1874-1881 Leonidas elected resigned, 1881
Cutcheon, Byron Mac 1876-1883 Manistee elected resigned, 1883
Walker, Samuel Snow 1876-1883 St. Johns elected
Collier, Victory Phelps 1877 Battle Creek appointed/
replaced McGowan; elected, 1877, did not qualify
Duffield, George (Jr.) 1877-1885 Lansing appointed replaced Collier
Maltz, George Lewis 1878-1880 Alpena elected resigned, 1880
Van Riper, Jacob J. 1880-1885 Niles/Buchanan appointed replaced Maltz
Grosvenor, Ebenezer Oliver 1880-1887 Jonesville elected
Shearer, James 1880-1887 Bay City elected
Blair, Austin 1881-1889 Jackson appointed/
replaced Climie, 1881; elected, 1882
Joy, James Frederick 1882-1886 Detroit elected resigned, 1886
Norris, Lyman Decatur 1883 Grand Rapids appointed replaced Cutcheon
Clark, Arthur Merrill 1884-1891 Lexington elected
Willett, Charles Joseph 1884-1891 St. Louis elected
Field, Moses Wheelock 1886-1889 Detroit elected died, 1889
Draper, Charles Stuart 1886-1892 Saginaw appointed/
replaced Joy, 1886; elected, 1890; died, 1892
Whitman, Charles Rudolphus 1886-1893 Ypsilanti elected
Hebard, Charles 1888-1895 Pequaming elected
Butterfield, Roger Williams 1888-1903 Grand Rapids elected
Kiefer, Hermann 1889-1901 Detroit appointed/
replaced Field, 1889; elected, 1894
Cocker, William Johnson 1890-1901 Adrian elected died, 1901
Howard, Henry 1892-1894 Port Huron elected died, 1894
Barbour, Levi Lewis 1892-1897, 1902-1907 Detroit appointed replaced Draper, 1892; replaced Sutton, 1902
Cook, Peter Napoleon 1892-1899 Corunna elected
Dean, Henry Stewart 1894-1907 Ann Arbor appointed/
replaced Howard, 1894; elected, 1900
Fletcher, Frank Ward 1894-1909 Alpena elected
Hackley, Charles H. 1896 Muskegon elected resigned, 1896
Farr, George Alexander 1896-1903 Grand Haven appointed replaced Hackley
Hutchins, Harry Burns 1897-1898 Ann Arbor Acting President
Lawton, Charles DeWitt 1898-1905 Lawton elected
Sutton, Eli Ransom 1900-1902 Detroit elected resigned, 1902
Hill, Arthur 1901-1909 Saginaw appointed/
replaced Cocker, 1901; elected 1906
Carey, Henry Westonrae 1902-1909 Manistee elected
White, Peter 1904-1908 Marquette elected died, 1908
Knappen, Loyal Edwin 1904-1911 Grand Rapids elected resigned, 1911
Sawyer, Walter Hulme 1906-1931 Hillsdale elected died, 1931
Osborn, Chase Salmon 1908-1911 Sault Ste. Marie appointed replaced White; resigned, 1911
Leland, Frank Bruce 1908-1923 Detroit elected
Beal, Junius Emery 1908-1939 Ann Arbor elected
Grant, John Henry 1909-1913 Manistee appointed replaced Hill; died, 1913
Wright, Luther L. 1909-1913 Ironwood Super. of Pub. Instrct.
Hutchins, Harry Burns 1909-1920 Ann Arbor Univeristy President
Codd, George Pierre 1910-1911 Detroit elected resigned, 1911
Clements, William Lawrence 1910-1933 Bay City elected
Bulkley, Harry Conant 1911-1917 Detroit appointed replaced Codd
Hanchett, Benjamin Sawtell 1911-1929 Grand Rapids appointed/
replaced Knappen, 1911; elected, 1912; resigned, 1929
Hubbard, Lucius Lee 1911-1933 Houghton appointed/
replaced Osborn, 1911; elected, 1912; resigned, 1933
Comstock, William Alfred 1913 Alpena appointed replaced Grant
Keeler, Fred L. 1913-1919 Mt. Pleasant Super. of Pub. Instrct.
Gore, Victor Michael 1914-1929 Benton Harbor elected
Murfin, James Orin 1918-1933, 1934-1937 Detroit elected/appointed elected, 1918; replaced Shorts, 1934
Johnson, Thomas E. 1919-1926 Coldwater Super. of Pub. Instrct.
Burton, Marion LeRoy 1920-1925 Ann Arbor President
Stone, Ralph 1924-1939 Detroit elected
Lloyd, Alfred Henry 1925 Ann Arbor Acting President
Little, Clarence Cook 1925-1929 Ann Arbor President
Coffey, Wilford L. 1926-1927 Super. of Pub. Instrct.
Pearce, Webster H. 1927-1933 Mt. Pleasant Super. of Pub. Instrct.
Cram, Esther March 1929-1943 Flint appointed/
replaced Hanchett, 1929; elected, 1936
Ruthven, Alexander Grant 1929-1951 Ann Arbor President
Shorts, R. Perry 1930-1934 Saginaw elected resigned, 1934
Smith, Richard Root 1931-1937 Grand Rapids appointed replaced Sawyer
Voelker, Paul F. 1933-1935 Battle Creek Super. of Pub. Instrct.
Shields, Edmund C. 1933-1935, 1938-1945 Lansing appointed/
replaced Hubbard, 1933; elected 1938
Hemans, Charles F. 1934-1941 Lansing elected
Cook, Franklin M. 1934-1941, 1942-1943 Hillsdale elected/appointed elected, 1934; replaced Burhans, 1942; died, 1943
Keyworth, Maurice R. 1935 Detroit Super. of Pub. Instrct. died, 1935
Elliott, Eugene B. 1935-1948 Lansing Super. of Pub. Instrct. appt. to replace Keyworth
Crowley, David H. 1936-1943 Detroit elected
Lynch, John D. 1938-1945 Detroit elected
Kipke, Harry G. 1940-1947 Ypsilanti elected
Herbert, J. Joseph 1940-1955 Manistique elected
Burhans, Earl L. 1942 Paw Paw elected resigned, 1942
Connable, Alfred B. 1942-1957 Kalamazoo elected
Baits, Vera Burridge 1943-1957 Grosse Pointe Park appointed/
replaced Cook, 1943; elected, 1950
Bishop, R. Spencer 1944-1946 Flint elected died, 1946
Hayward, Ralph A. 1944-1951 Parchment elected resigned, 1951
Bonisteel, Roscoe O. 1946-1959 Ann Arbor appointed/
replaced Bishop, 1946; elected, 1952
Eckert, Otto E. 1946-1961 Lansing elected
Kennedy, Charles S. 1946-1961 Detroit elected
Stevens, Kenneth M. 1948-1955 Detroit elected
Thurston, Lee M. 1949-1953 Lansing Super. of Pub. Instrct.
Van Wagoner, Murray D. 1951 Detroit appointed replaced Hayward
Hatcher, Harlan Henthorne 1951-1967 Ann Arbor President
Doan, Leland I. 1952-1959 Midland elected
Taylor, Clair L. 1953-1957 Lansing Super. of Pub. Instrct
Adams, Paul L. 1956-1957 Sault Ste. Marie elected resigned, 1957
Power, Eugene B. 1956-1966 Ann Arbor elected resigned, 1966
Bartlett, Lynn M. 1957-1963 Grosse Pointe Woods Super. of Pub. Instrct.
Thurber, Donald M. D. 1958-1963 Grosse Pointe appointed replaced Adams
Brablec, Carl 1958-1966 Roseville elected beginning of nine year terms for Regents
Murphy, Irene Ellis 1958-1966 Birmingham elected
McInally, William K. 1960-1964 Jackson elected died, 1964
Matthaei, Frederick C. (Sr.) 1960-1967 Ann Arbor elected resigned, 1967
Sorenson, Allan R. 1962-1967 Midland elected resigned, 1967
Goebel, Paul G. 1962-1970 Grand Rapids elected
Briggs, Robert Peter 1964-1968 Jackson appointed replaced McInally
Cudlip, William B. 1964-1972 Detroit elected
Bentley, Alvin M. 1966-1969 Owosso appointed replaced Power; died, 1969
Matthaei, Frederick C. (Jr.) 1967-1968 Birmingham appointed replaced Matthaei, Sr.
Smith, Otis M. 1967-1970 Detroit appointed replaced Sorenson
Brown, Robert J. 1967-1974 Kalamazoo elected return to eight year term for Regents
Huebner, Gertrude V. 1967-1974 Bloomfield Hills elected
Lindemer, Lawrence B. 1968, 1969-1975 Stockbridge appointed/
repl. Briggs (68) & Bentley (69); elected (72); resigned (75)
Fleming, Robben Wright 1968-1979, 1988 Ann Arbor President
Dunn, Gerald R. 1969-1984 Livonia elected
Nederlander, Robert E. 1969-1984 Detroit elected
Brown, Paul Walker 1971-1994 Petoskey elected
Waters, James L. 1971-1994 Muskegon elected
Baker, Deane 1973-1996 Ann Arbor elected
Power, Sarah Goddard 1975-1987 Ann Arbor elected died, 1987
Roach, Thomas A. 1975-1990 Detroit elected
Laro, David 1975-1980 Flint appointed replaced Lindemer
Smith, Allen T. 1979 Ann Arbor Acting President
Shapiro, Harold Tafler 1980-1987 Ann Arbor President
Varner, Nellie M. 1981-1996 Detroit elected
Nielson, Neal D. 1985-1992 Brighton elected
Smith, Veronica Latta 1985-1992 Grosse Ile elected
Power, Philip H. 1987-1998 Ann Arbor appointed replaced Sarah Goddard Power
Duderstadt, James J. 1988-1995 Ann Arbor President
McFee, Shirley M. 1991-1998 Battle Creek elected
McGowan, Rebecca 1993-2008 Ann Arbor elected
Deitch, Laurence B. 1993- Bingham Farms elected
Horning, Daniel D. 1995-2002 Grand Haven elected
Newman, Andrea Fischer 1995- Ann Arbor elected
Neal, Homer S. 1996 Ann Arbor Acting President
Bollinger, Lee C. 1996-2001 Ann Arbor President
Maynard, Olivia P. 1997-2012 Goodrich elected
Taylor, S. Martin 1997-2012 Grosse Pointe Farms elected
Brandon, David 1999-2006 Ann Arbor elected
White, Katherine E. 1999- Ann Arbor elected
White, B. Joseph 2002 Ann Arbor Acting President
Coleman, Mary Sue 2002- Ann Arbor President
Richner, Andrew C. 2002- Grosse Pointe Park elected
Darlow, Julia Donovan 2007- Ann Arbor elected
Ilitch, Denise 2008- Bingham Farms elected
Bernstein, Mark J. 2012- Farmington Hills elected
Diggs, Shauna Ryder 2012- Grosse Pointe elected