Vertical File: FImu C6 Departments, Institutes, and Centers

Call no. Request Topic
FImu C6RequestAgriculture (proposed school)
FImu C6RequestBureau of Government: Institute of Public Administration
FImu C6RequestBureau of Psychological Services
FImu C6RequestCenter for Afro-American & African Studies
FImu C6RequestCenter for Research on Conflict Resolution
FImu C6RequestCenter for Research on Learning & Teaching
FImu C6RequestCenter for Research on Social Organization
FImu C6RequestCenter for the Continuing Education of Women (CEW)
FImu C6RequestEdward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning
FImu C6RequestGreat Lakes and Marine Waters Center
FImu C6RequestHighway Safety Research Institute (Transportation Research Institute)
FImu C6RequestInstitute for Human Adjustment
FImu C6RequestInstitute for Social Research; Survey Research Center; Center for Group Dynamics
FImu C6RequestInstitute for Study of Mental Retardation & Related Disabilities (ISMRRD)
FImu C6RequestInstitute for the Humanities [see also Out box]
FImu C6RequestInstitute of Archaeological Research
FImu C6RequestInstitute of Fine Arts
FImu C6RequestInstitute of Gerontology
FImu C6RequestInstitute of Labor & Industrial Relations (U of M and Wayne State University; includes the Labor Stu
FImu C6RequestInstitute of Science and Technology
FImu C6RequestMental Health Research Institute
FImu C6RequestMichigan Memorial Phoenix Project [see also Out box]
FImu C6RequestMiddle English Dictionary; Early Modern English Dictionary
FImu C6RequestNelson Mandela Center for Anti-Racist Education
FImu C6RequestOffice of Energy Research
FImu C6RequestPoliomylitus