Conservation and Environmentalism Movements in Michigan

Environmental Education and Study

Beeton, Alfred Merle

Camp Filibert Roth (University of Michigan)

Cary, William M.

Center for Great Lakes and Aquatic Sciences

Craine, Lyle E.

Dana, Samuel Trask

Hankinson, Thomas Leroy

Herbert, Paul Anthony


Michigan Conservation
Stamps; fundraiser
for Michigan United
Conservation Clubs
Paul A. Herbert papers.
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Lagler Karl Frank

Larue, George Roger

Nichols Arboretum (University of Michigan)

Peterson, Mirdza L.

Roth, Filibert

Spurr, Stephen Hopkins

Stapp, William B.

University of Michigan Foresters Club

University of Michigan. School of Natural Resources and Environment

Urban Options (Organization)

Wallace, George John

Weaver, Richard Lee

Young, Cynthia

Young, Leigh Jarvis

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