Transferring Digital Records to the University Archives

In some cases, digital records are best retained within the environment in which they were created. Please contact the University Archives staff to determine whether this type of ongoing custody by the office of origin is advised.

If digital records are transferred to the archives, the transfer can either utilize file transfer protocol (FTP) or digital storage media. To transfer through FTP, contact the university archives staff to make arrangements before transferring the records. To transfer digital records on digital storage media such as CD-ROM, complete and include the transfer form for digital records.

Include the following information with every digital records transfer:

  1. Technical documentation [include on transfer form for digital records ]
  2. ASCII text copy of directory structure and list of files.
  3. Internal and/or external label on physical media such as CD-ROMs.

While the preservation of digital records requires new strategies, it is the intentions of the University Archives and Records Program to maintain "born" digital materials digitally with a minimum of information loss over time.