Michigan in the Olympics


1906 - Athens

Archie Hahn

Purists insist that the 1906 games, staged to mark the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the modern games, should not be considered Olympic Games because they fall outside the four year Olympiad cycle. For the first time the U.S. had a real Olympic team, selected by an Olympic Committee. Archie Hahn, the U-M's sole representative in Athens, brought home a gold in the 100 meter dash. He might have won more, but there was no 60 or 200 meter event. Hahn competed for Michigan from 1901-1904. He won the Big Ten 100 yard dash in 1901 and 1902 and the 220-yard dash in 1903.


Fitzpatrick and Hahn

Hahn prepared for meets by running against Michigan's All-American half-back Willie Heston, known for his fast start. According to football coach Fielding Yost, "Willie would lead the first 20-30 yards, but then it was all Hahn."

Hahn earned a law degree from UM but never practiced. Instead he pursued a career as a track coach, most notably at the University of Virginia. During the 1920-1922 seasons he returned to Ann Arbor to serve as trainer for Fielding Yost's football squad. Hahn's book "How to Sprint" is still considered a classic.



at left, UM track coach Coach Keene Fitzpatrick and Archie Hahn at the starting line, Regent's Field.


Archie Hahn winning 220
Archie Hahn defeats Chicago's Blair in the 220,
1903 Chicago meet at Regent's Field

Archie winning 100m, 1906
Archie Hahn, inside lane, winning 100m, 1906

The U-M Results-1906

Archie Hahn
    100 meters 1st

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