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[Coverage of dedication game from The Michigan Daily]




By Herbert E. Vedder, Sports Editor

Michigan's gridiron machine took definite charge of the ceremonies at the formal opening of her great new million dollar stadium here this afternoon, trouncing Ohio State's Scarlet and gray eleven and overcoming the feared "dedication jinx."

By their victory in this great gridiron classic of the Middle West today, the Wolverines definitely stamped themselves as strong contenders for their third consecutive Western Conference football title. The Maize and Blue eleven displayed its best football of the season, a well-balanced machine downing the fast Ohio eleven to gain a victory.

Just few moments before 3 o'clock the Michigan eleven raced onto the field amid a deafening roar of cheering. Immediately following them came Ohio's red-jerseyed eleven with almost as great an ovation.

Captains Oosterbaan and Meyer of Michigan and Ohio State respectively, took the field for the toss which was won by Ohio. Two fair young ladies presented the big chrysanthemums to Captains Oosterbaan and Meyer, Oosterbaan getting the gold one and Meyer the red one. Ohio chose to defend the south goal. There is a brisk wind whipping across the field from the west.


Gilbert kicked off to Huston on the 7 yard line, Huston returning the ball to the Ohio 31-yard line before being downed. Huston was smothered for no gain at the Michigan right tackle. A beautiful tackle by Nyland stopped Rowan in an in-around play for a 2-yard loss. Grim punted to Miller on the Michigan 5-yard line, Miller returning the ball to Michigan's 44-yard line.

Raskowski was hurt on the play as Ohio took time out. Huston is playing for Eby at left half back. Marek is the right half back. Gilbert, attempting to strike off his right tackle was held for no gain. Gilbert's pass was intercepted by Huston on the Ohio 35 yard line, Huston running the ball back 7 yards. Huston passed to Marek, Miller stopping Marek on the Michigan 35-yard line. Grim hit off Michigan's right tackle and took the ball to Michigan's 25-yard line before being downed by Capt. Oosterbaan. Ohsner plunged for two yards. Ohsner was stopped for a yard loss by Rich. Marek let Huston's perfect pass slip out of his hands. fourth down and eight yards to go.

Marek's place kick scarcely left the ground, but rolled across Michigan's goal line and it was Michigan's ball on their own 20-yard line.

Gilbert punted, the ball being downed by Gabel on the Ohio 35-yard line. Ohsner carried the ball out of bounds, losing a yard. Huston attempting a run around Oosterbaan's end made two yards. Grim kicked short, Rowan downing the ball on Michigan's 49-yard line. Gilbert slipped a pass too far for Oosterbaan. Miller carried the ball at right tackle, but gained nothing, Raskowski making the tackle. Rich smashed through center for two yards.

Gilbert punted to Huston out of bounds on Ohio's 15-yard line. Ohsner went through guard for three yards. Baer and Pommerening stopped Huston. Ohio substituted Eby for Huston at the left half. Ackerman went in for Rowan. Eby kicked to Gilbert on Michigan's 45-yard line. Gilbert's pass to Oosterbaan was incomplete. Rich fumbled the ball and Marek recovered on Ohio's 44-yard line. Marek was stopped.

On an end-around play Ackerman was tackled by Nyland, losing a yard. A short pass, Eby to Grim failed. Eby punted to Gilbert on Michigan's 25-yard line, Gilbert returning the ball to his own 30-yard line. Miller displayed pretty running to cut off Ohio's left tackle for 6 yards. Miller was thrown for an eight-yard loss on an attempted trick double pass. Gilbert punted to Eby on the Ohio 30-yard line, Nyland and Pommerening bringing him down on the 32-yard line. Ohio took time out.

Gembis was substituted for Rich. A triple pass back off the line of scrimmage resulted in Eby's a being forced out of bounds after a three-yard gain around his right end. The ball was brought back and Michigan penalized five yards for offside. Grim was stopped for no gain on the delayed quarterback sneak.

A double pass to Ackerman resulted in a short loss, Gabel making the tackle. Eby passed the ball Alber and it was incomplete. Eby's low kick traveled only to the Michigan 40-yard line. Miller played off his own left tackle for six yards. Gilbert got loose again at left tackle and made his first down on Ohio's 41 yard line. Gilbert was stopped for no gain on the next tackle. Alber made the tackle. Joe Gembis smashed through left guard for four yards. Gembis took the ball for no gain as the quarter ended on Ohio's 36-yard line.


Gilbert punted out of bounds on the Ohio 14-yard line. Domhoff went in for Hoffman at quarterback for Michigan. Domhoff forced Eby out of bounds for a 3-yard loss after attempting to run Oosterbaan's end. Ohsner made two yards, Gembis making the tackle. Eby punted high to Miller who was downed in his tracks on the Ohio 41-yard line by Uridel. Gembis was stopped at the center of the line. Miller was forced out of bounds after making a five yard gain around Oosterbaan's end. Gilbert passed wide to Gembis who was in the open field.

Ohio substitutions: Uridel and Smith for Nesser and Cox.

Gilbert kicked, Oosterbaan downing the ball on Ohio's eleven-yard line. The ball was two yards from the sidelines, Oosterbaan holding it in. Oshner took the ball out of bounds for no gain.

The ball was brought back after the first play and Ohio penalized five yards. Eby kicked off to Miller on the Michigan 45-yard line, Miller bringing the ball back to the Ohio 39-yard line. Oosterbaan took the ball for a yard gain. Domhoff was thrown for a yard loss. Gilbert passed to Oosterbaan but the ball was knocked down just out of Bennie's reach. Gilbert punted out of bounds again, this time the ball going out on Ohio's 14-yard line. Ohsner took the ball for a yard. Eby punted out of bounds on Ohio's 47-yard line.

Don-thoff took the ball, passed it to Gembis who punched through for four yards. Miller made a yard on a similar play. Gilbert passed to Gembis for a first down on the Ohio 35-yard line, Gembis skidding and falling down as he caught the ball. Miller lost six yards on a wide end run.

Oosterbaan came back from end to take the ball he passed Gilbert on the Ohio 15-yard line, Gilbert running across for Michigan's first touchdown untackled. The play was more deceptive because Michigan had stationed sleeper across the field for and apparent pass. Gilbert kicked a perfect goal for the extra point. Michigan, 7: Ohio State, 0

Gilbert kicked off to Grim on Ohio's 10-yard line, the Buckeye running the ball back to his own 32-yard line before being downed by Baer. Grim took the ball for four yards on a quarterback sneak. A pass, Grim to Marek, was fumbled but Marek recovered, loosing four yards. Eby was trapped behind a line of scrimmage on an attempted pass, and after eluding Michigan tacklers half a dozen times was thrown for a six yard loss. Eby kicked to Gilbert on the Michigan 40-yard line, Gilbert running the ball back to Ohio's 14-yard line behind perfect interference before he was downed. it was a 45-yard run, and more than regained the ground Ohio made on the kick. Grim made the tackle.

Ohio substitutions: Kris for Marek. Ohio took time out. Fuller was substituted for Gembis at fullback. Fuller went through left guard for four yards. Raskowski threw Gilbert for a yard loss. On a place kick formation, Fuller gained a yard, with Miller holding the ball. Gilbert's attempt at a place kick was blocked by Raskowski. Ohio recovered the ball on their own 22-yard line. On a wide end run with perfect interference Eby carried the ball 14 yards for a first down on Ohio State's 35-yard line before being pushed out of bounds. Eby was hurt on the play and time was taken out. Puckelwartz was substituted for Miller who went to the dressing rooms but he is not injured.

Fouch was substituted for Eby and Robin Bell for Alber for Ohio. Harridan replaced Gabel at right tackle for Michigan, Fouch carrying the ball on a fake end run, and passing the ball to Kriss for first down on Ohio's 47-yard line. The half ended on the next play as Domhoff hit the line. Score, Michigan 7, Ohio 0


Gilbert kicked off to Grim who returned the ball 15 yards to his own 30 yard line. Huston was stopped dead by Rich who was back at fullback for Michigan. Rich and Domhoff stopped Grim's rush at a two-yard gain. Grim punted to Puckelwartz, who ran the ball back five or six yards to his 33-yard line.

Gilbert carried the ball out of bounds. Domhoff sliced through right guard for five yards. Gilbert punted to Huston who was downed in his tracks by Baer on the Ohio 23-yard line.

Michigan took time out. Oosterbaan set Huston down for no gain. Rich tackled Huston out of bounds for a four-yard gain. Oosterbaan pulled through Ohio's Interference and nailed Grim for a six-yard loss. Eby kicked to Gilbert who ran the ball back 25 yards to Ohio's 40-yard line. The running and blocking were both brilliant. Puckelwartz' pass to Rich was incomplete.

Ohio substituted Young for Meyer and Ackerman for Rowan. Oosterbaan plunged through the line for a yard.

Practically duplicating the first touchdown play Oosterbaan hurled a pass to Gilbert on Ohio's two-yard line and Gilbert staggered across for a touchdown. Gilbert kicked a perfect goal. Score: Michigan, 14; Ohio State, 0

Uridel substituted for Nesser. Gilbert kicked to Huston who ran the ball back 30 yards to his 42 yard line. Baer was hurt on the play. Michigan took time out. Baer resumed play.

Huston's pass to Marek was incomplete. Oosterbaan stopped Huston after he made five yards. Parker replaced Baer for Michigan. Huston just missed making first down in midfield. Ohsner made a first down on Michigan's 48-yard line. Huston passed complete to Marek for no gain, Oosterbaan making the tackle.

Huston made two yards, Parker making the tackle. Gilbert intercepted a forward pass from Huston on his 40-yard line and ran to midfield. Michigan was penalized five yards for offside. Gilbert made two yards through the line. Rich smashed for five yards. Gilbert's high punt was down on Ohio's 19-yard line. Ohio gained nothing on a mass play, in which Ohsner fumbled but recovered. Huston's pass was knocked down by Gilbert. Ohsner took the ball out of bounds.

Grim punted to Gilbert who was downed on Ohio's 49-yard line. Domhoff failed to gain. Rich gained a yard. Gilbert punted to Grim who ran out of bounds on his 23-yard line. Kriss replaced Marek at half for Ohio. Grim made a yard. Eby replaced Huston at the other half.

Nyland and Rich stopped Eby for one yard.. On a lateral pass, Grim to Eby, Ohio gained six yards. Eby punted to Puckelwartz who ran back seven yards to his 38-yard line. Gilbert was thrown for no gain. Rich made one yard. Puckelwartz lost two.

Gilbert punted out of bounds on Ohio's 43-yard line. Oosterbaan and Pommerening nailed Eby but the ball was brought back and Ohio penalized five yards. Eby's pass was incomplete. Another Ohio pass was incomplete and Ohio again drew another five-yard penalty as the quarter ended.


Eby carried the ball around Michigan's right end for 20 yards before being forced out of bounds by Puckelwartz on Michigan's 42-yard line. Grim was stopped.

Eby reversed his field brilliantly for first down on Michigan's 313-yard line. Gilbert knocked down a pass. Eby made four yards. Eby's pass to Alber was complete for first down on Michigan's 14-yard line. Eby made a yard. Ohsner plowed for three more. Grim fumbled and recovered, losing three yards. Grim's pass over the goal line was knocked down by kicks.

Gilbert faked a kick on the old "83" play, Hoffman holding the ball picked it up and ran 29 yards. This gives Michigan first down for a scoring play on Ohio's 9-yard line. Michigan was penalized five yards for offside. Puckelwartz took the ball out of bounds.

On a lateral pass Oosterbaan to Gilbert, was complete, Gilbert shot it across the line for a touchdown. Gilbert Kicked a goal.

Final score: Michigan 21; Ohio 0.

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