1897 UM team photo
1897 UM Team

back row: Frederic.C. Hannan, Norwood B.Ayers
3rd Row: mngr. Ward Hughes, C.F. Lockwood, Hazen S.Pingree, Clayton C. Teetzel
2nd row: William P. Baker, John W.F. Bennett, James Hogg, John E. Egan, Leo Keena front row: Clifford A. Barabee, Allen Steckle, Howard Felver
not pictured: William R. Cunningham, Neil B. Snow, William H. Caley, Herbert E. Lehr, Charles F. Juttner, J. DeForest Richards, G.H. Stuart

UM captain James Hogg
UM Captain James Hogg

Starting Lineups

Substitutes - For Michigan: Ayers for Teetzel, Baker for Juttner, Pingree for Stuart, McLean for Hogg. For Ohio: Baker for Jones, Culbertson for Urban.

Touchdowns - Stuart (3), Hannan, Hogg, Pingree. Goals from touchdowns- Hogg .

Officials - Knight, Princeton; Wilson, Ypsilanti.

187 OSU team photo
1897 OSU Team

Front row (left to right): Brophy, Mackey, Leonard, Engensberger, Richards, Stienie, Waite.
Second row: Purdy, Urban, Captain Hawkins, Saxby, Scott.
Third row: Butcher, Benedict, Segrist.
Back row: Culbertson, King, Sykes, Enos, Dyer, Miller, Segrist.

OSU captain Hawkins
OSU Captain Hawkins

Michigan Daily masthead
Monday, October 18, 1897

Varsity Takes A Brace
Ohio State University Defeated
by a Score of 34-0

Michigan had no trouble in defeating the Ohio State University representatives in Saturday's game. Two halves of 20 and 1 minutes respectively were played and the score was 34-0. It was not so much Michigan's strength as Ohio's weakness that brought about the score. the visitors lined up with three of their best players absent, while Michigan put her best team on the field. while the form of the varsity team was not on the championship order it showed an improvement over the Saturday before that was most encouraging.

The interference was better, the playing snappier, and the defensive work stronger than ever before. In the line the work of Caley at guard was especially strong. Caley opened holes of the biggest kind in the Ohio line and made interference that repeatedly enabled the backs to make long runs. Snow at the other guard position also showed up strong. Lehr, Juttner and Baker were on a par at tackle, and it was through these positions that the Ohioans made most of their gains.

Bennett, Teetzel and Ayres on the ends were stronger than ever, but still seemed somewhat week on defensive work. All of the backs played great ball. Hogg bucked the line hard and went around the ends for consistent gains. Stuart, who played for the first time, has the longest runs to his credit, due to the way in which he followed his interference. Pingree made several good gains and a dash of 0 yards across Ohio's goal that was annulled by Baker's off-side play. Talcott at quarter also played for the first time and did well. His passing was surer than any he has shown in practice. In the first half a high wind favored Ohio, but they had only two or three opportunities to take advantage of it, as Michigan kept possession of the ball through almost the entire half. All of Michigan's points were made in this half.

Hannan kicked off and the ball was downed on the 2 yard line. Ohio kicked to the middle of the field. Hogg made yards, Stuart and then 10, Hannan , Hogg 10, Hannan 2, the ball was fumbled and regained for 3 yards gain. Hogg advanced , and Hannan 10 for a touchdown. Hogg kicked goal. Score 6-0. Time 6 minutes.

Ohio kicked to Stuart at the 10 yard line and he came back 20 before being downed. Bennett went around the end for 4 yards. Teetzel skirted the end for and followed with a gain of 4 yards. Hogg then around end for 32 yards behind interference, but was stopped by a star tackle by captain Hawkins, Ohio's full back. Stuart made through the line, Bennett made 4, Stuart 1 more, Hogg , Hannan , and Stuart went over for the second touchdown. Hogg kicked goal. Score 12-0. Time 9 minutes.

Hawkins kicked off to Michigan's 40 yard line and Talcott brought it back 29 yards. Hogg gained , Stuart 8, Hogg 12, Stuart and then 16, Hogg 23, Hannan 4, Hogg 4 and then across goal, for the touchdown. He kicked a hard goal. Score 18-0. Time 12 minutes.

Another touchdown was made in two minutes by Stuart by a run of 26 yards. Previous to this Hannan had made gains of 22 and 4 yards, Stuart 1, Hogg 4, 6 and 9, Bennett 7 and Teetzel 8. Hogg missed goal. Score 22-0. Time 14 minutes.

Stuart also made the fifth touchdown after making gains of 22 and yards. Talcott made a long gain of 3 yards in the kickoff. Bennett made an end run of 1 yards. Hogg kicked goal. Score 28-0. Time 16 minutes.

After Hannan, Juttner and Stuart had 10, 1, and 9 yards respectively, Stuart was taken out and Pingree put in. Hogg made 4, Pingree 12, Hogg 3, Teetzel 10, Bennett failed to advance, Pingree 12, and Hannan 23. Off-side here gave the ball to Ohio, how punted for a gain of 20 yards. Hannan made 8, Pingree and Juttner each, and then Pingree crossed goal for a touchdown. Goal was kicked. Score 34-0. Time 19 minutes.

After the kick-off Michigan advanced the ball to the 20 yard line, where Hannan attempted a field goal in which he failed. Ohio got the ball and made a gain of yards as time was called.

In the second half Michigan played for the most part a kicking game, putting Ohio on the offensive. Hogg was hurt in this half and retired, McLain coming in. The largest gain made by Ohio was 7 yards. Other ranged from 1- yards and were few. Neither side scored in this half and when time was called the ball was in Michigan's possession on Ohio's 1 yard line. For Ohio the best playing was done by Hawkins at full-back, Jones at center and Saxby at center. The entire team played gentlemanly and not a single wrangle arose to mar the game. The team is coached by Edwards, Princeton '96. Several members of the faculty accompanied the team.