UM 3 - - OSU 13
Ann Arbor, Oct. 25, 1919

The Michigan Daily, Oct. 26, 1919

Harley and Stinchcomb Feature Ohio State Defeat of Michigan
Sparks and Goetz Wolverine Stars

In spite of Sparks and Weston and because of Harley and Stinchcomb, Michigan was forced to make the first bow to an Ohio State eleven, Saturday, by a margin of 13-3.

Before a capacity crowd on Ferry Field, the two teams performed as carefully groomed championship contenders in a decisive clash. All strategy available to the two veteran coaches was thrown open at the opposing stars reckoned among the first in the country. Four periods of the gridiron's best game subordinated Michigan to the higher bid of the Scarlet and Grey.

Fate Hits Michigan
Fate dealt the Wolverine squad an opening fatal blow in the injury of Rye on the kickoff. The capable right end suffered a broken leg in the mix-up following Stinchcomb's fumble and left a team on the field seriously weakened by his absence. Strength in the Buckeye line forced Sparks to depend on passes for longer gains. After the early departure of Michigan's fast right flankman, Dunne at the opposite extreme received the full responsibility for aerials and found himself unable to cope with the number of Ohio backs who understood the situation and were prepared to offset his efforts. Through failure to score following the fumbled kickoff, Wolverine morale received a telling shock. Play from this instance until Ohio's first touchdown gave evidence of a Buckeye team filled with resulting confidence which proved deadly.

Gains Limited to Start
Ground gaining of the afternoon was limited to Weston and Sparks on Yost's lineup and the Harley-Stinchcomb combination of Dr. Wilce. In actual yardage the Buckeye duet hung a better record than the Michigan pair. None of those noted open field workers were able to break away for the customary number of long runs but each contributed extra territory on the several runs recorded. Kicking honors were earned by Sparks without possible dispute on the part of his Buckeye rival. In field goaling Michigan's quarter scored form the 45 yard line after the Ohio favorite failed from the 25-yard chalk mark. In punting he outkicked Harley by an easy 10 yard average and placed his boots with a precision which was outshone only by his previous phenomenal drop between goal posts.

First Quarter
Dunne kicked off to Stinchcomb who fumbled the ball on Ohio State's 25-yard line. Weston recovered. Michigan's ball on O.S.U. 20-yard line. Rye broke his right thigh. Czysz replaced Peach and Peach went to end. Sparks gained 1 yard on end run. Sparks fumbles but recovers for a 2-yard loss. Forward pass, Vick to Dunne fails. Ohio State's ball on their own 20-yard line. Harley punts to Sparks who returns to Michigan's. 31-yard line. Weston makes 5 yards off left tackle. Vick is stopped on line plunge. Sparks goes through right tackle for a first down. Ball on Michigan's 48-yard line.

Michigan goes through left guard for 1 yard. Weston makes 12 yards on the left tackle, ball on Ohio State's 45-yard line. Ohio State halts Michigan on forward pass from center. Sparks makes 4-yards to right tackle. Vick gains 2 through center. Sparks punts off side, Ohio State's ball on their 15-yard line. Bliss gains 3 yards off left end. Harley punts to Sparks who returns to Michigan's 48-yard line. Vick makes 4 yards off left tackle.

Willaman stops Weston. Michigan penalized 15 yards for holding. Second down 20 yards to go. Sparks kicks ball to Michigan's 34-yard line. Sparks Punts off side to Ohio State's 45-yard line. Ohio's ball. Weston stops Harley on Michigan's 30-yard line. Michigan penalized 10-yards. Fortune stops Harley after 2-yard gain. Willaman breaks through center for 1 yard. Michigan holds. Ohio penalized 5 yards. Michigan holds Willaman. Harley attempts to kick field goals but fails. Michigan's ball on own 20-yard line. Duke Dunne recovers fumble by Sparks after three O.S.U. men fail to hang on to it. O.S.U. blocks Sparks kick and makes a touchdown. Spiers does the scoring. Harley kicks. Score.: Michigan 0, O.S.U. 7. First score of the season against Michigan.

Pixley kicks over the goal line. Michigan's ball on their own 20-yard line. Weston gains 1 yard. Sparks makes 1 yard. Michigan penalized 15 yards for holding. Sparks attempts kick but it is foiled by O.S.U. Dunne tackles Stinchcomb in his tracks on Michigan's 32-yard line. Peach stops Harley on end run for no gain.Fforward pass, Harley to Stinchcomb makes 6 yards. Harley dances around the field and passes ball to Stinchomb for first down. Ball on Michigan's 20-yard line. Weston stops Harley after 3 yards gain on end run. Harley takes pass for 6 yards. Weston recovers fumble by Flowers on Michigan's 10-yard line. Michigan's ball. End of first quarter. Score: Michigan 0-Ohio State 7.

Second Quarter
Two aeroplanes land on Ferry Field. Sparks punts to Stinchcomb and Dunne stops him on O.S.U.'s 28-yard line. Vick stops Stinchcomb after a 3-yard gain through center. Vick stops Willaman after a 2-yard gain. Harley passes to Stinchcomb and Cruse stops him for a 1-yard gain. Fourth down, six inches to go. Harley punts to Sparks who returns 5-yards to Michigan's 35-yard line. Weston makes 3 yard off tackle. Sparks gains five yards through tackle. Ohio State stops Vick. No gain. Fourth down, 4 yards to go. Sparks off side on Ohio State's 5-yard line.

Ohio State gains 2 yards by a line plunge. Harley punts off side on O.S.U.'s 38-yard line. Michigan's ball. Sparks gains 3 yards off tackle. Weston gains 1 yard on end run. Michigan attempts pass, Peach to Dunne. Fails. Sparks drop-kicks goal from difficult angle from 45-yard line. Score: Michigan 3- O.S.U. 7

Pixley kicks-off to Weston to returns to Michigan's 32-yard line. Sparks makes 1 yard. Michigan gains half-yard through line. Sparks punts to Stinchcomb who returns to O.S.U.'s 23-yard line. Goetz stops Harley for 1-yard gain. Vick intercepts Harley's pass and carries ball to O.S.U.'s 27 yard line. Cruse fails to gain. Weston makes 5 yards through tackle. Sparks held for no gain by Harley. Double pass from Sparks to Cruse fails to make first down, Ohio's ball on her own 20-yard line.

Harley runs into Vick and stops. Harley pass is blocked. Harley punts off side on his own 43-yard line. Michigan's ball. Cruse's pass to Dunne fails. Double pass Sparks to Cruse fails. Harley Spoils pass Vick to Dunne. Sparks punts off side on O.S.U. 4-yard line. Ohio's ball. Stinchcomb makes 5-yards through, Vick tackling him. Same play nets 1 yard. Half over. Score: Michigan 3, O.S.U. 7.

Pixley kicks off to Fortune, who fumbles ball, recovering on Michigan's 41-yard line. Time out for Flower, injured. Remains in game. Davies substitutes for Bliss. Cruse makes 1 yard on end run. Davies stops him. Weston gains half yard on end run. Sparks punts to Stinchcomb, stopped on 14-yard line by Czysz. Ohio's ball. Stinchcomb gains one yard on fake kick. Harley punts off side on own 42-yard line. Michigan's ball.

Sparks goes through tackle for 5 yards. Cruse makes 2 yards through tackle. Weston makes 3 yards. One yard to go for first down. Forward pass Vick to Dunne fails. Ohio's ball on own 33-yard line. Stinchcomb gets away for a 22-yard gain. Ohio's ball on Michigan's 40-yard line. Harley gets away for a 40-yard run and a touchdown. Harley fails to kick goal. Score: Michigan 3, Ohio 13.

Hammell's goes in for Peach. Pixley kickx off to Cruse,. who returns to Michigan's 28-yard line. Michigan gained 10-yards. Ball on 15-yard line. Spiers injures hand. Sparks goes around right end for 5 yards. Cruse makes 1 yard. Forward pass, Vick to Dunne incomplete. Sparks punts to Stinchcomb who carries the ball to his own 33-yard line.

G. Dunn for H. Wilson. G. Dunn stops Stinchcomb by grabbing him by the sweater, Michigan line holds. Weston intercepts Harley's forward pass and carries ball to Ohio State's 34-yard line.

Pass incomplete, Sparks to R. Dunne. Hammel's forward pass is incomplete. Stinchcomb interferes with Weston. Harley intercepts Sparks' forward pass. Ohio State's ball on her own 15-yard line. Michigan holds Stinchcomb on fake kick. Glenn Dunn stops Harley for 3-yard loss on end run. Harley punts off side on his own 38-yard line. Michigan's ball.

Cruse makes no gain through tackle. Pixley injured. Froemke for Cruse. Vick hits a stone wall. Wieche for Pixley. Pass, Sparks to R. Dunne, fails. Sparks fails to kick field goal from 48-yard line. Ohio State's ball on own 20-yard line.

Stinchcomb is run off side by Dunne for a 5-yard loss. Stinchcomb fails to gain on fake kick. Harley punts to Sparks on own 45-yard line. Pass t Froemke incomplete. Sparks loses 8 yards on end run tackled by Myers. forward pass, Hammels to Dunne, incomplete. Dunne injured. End of Quarter. Score: Michigan 3, Ohio State 13.

Fourth Quarter
Ball on Ohio State's 48-yard line. Sparks punt blocked. Ohio State's ball on Michigan's 42-yard line. Harley fumbles on Michigan's 41-yard line. Ohio State recovers. Ohio's ball on Michigan's 40-yard line. Forward pass Harley to Stinchcomb, takes ball to Michigan's 27-yard line. Harley gains 7 yards through right tackle. Willaman stooped for 1-yard gain. Ohio State fumbles. Sparks recovers the ball on Michigan's 5-yard line. Ohio penalized 5 yards. Michigan's ball on 10-yard line. Sparks punts to Stinchcomb who returns to Michigan's 33 yard line.

Taylor for Willaman. Vick stops Harley after 3-yard gain.

Taylor gains 1 yard. Harley attempts a pass. Goetz breaks through and tackles him on Michigan's 37-yard line for a 12-yard loss. Ohio State penalized 5 yards for stalling. Harley kicks back of goal, Michigan's ball on 20-yard line.

Froemke makes 1 yard. Slyker for Flower. Hammel's pass for Weston intercepted by Harley. Ohio's ball. Michigan stops Harley after 4-yard run. O.S.U. penalized 25 yards. Ball on O.S.U.'s 35-yard line.

Forward pass incomplete. Harley throws away ball in effort to get a pass. Michigan's ball on O.S.U. 37-yard line.

Sparks carries ball for 1-yard loss. Sparks' pass to Dunne incomplete. Hammel's forward pass to Weston incomplete. Michigan's ball. Sparks punts off side on O.S.U.'s 4-yard line. Michigan holds Ohio State.

Harley punts to Sparks who returns to O.S.U.'s 45-yard line. Dunne incomplete.

Weston makes 5 yards through tackle. Sparks forward pass intercepted by Harley on Michigan's 37-yard line.