U of M Men's Cross Country

Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan, four time Big 10 and NCAA Regional Champion
2nd place in 1997 NCAA Championships,
Michigan's only four time cross country All-American

Michigan began varsity competition in cross country in 1919/20 under the guidance of track coach Stephen Farrell. A cross country club had been organized in 1901 as a means for training distance runners for the track team. Two races were held in the Fall and Spring over a 3.7 mile course beginning at Waterman Gym. The top finishers were awarded the club's "CCC" insignia. All of Michigan's great distance runners and record setting relay teams from 190-1910 owed much to their cross country training. Michigan won its first team and individual championships in 1922 when Egbert Isbel covered the five mile course in Lafayette, Indiana in 26 minutes, 33.2 seconds. Michigan dropped cross country as a varsity sport in 1932. Occasionally a Michigan squad competed in the Big Ten cross country meet. Don McEwen took individual honors in 1949 and 190 and in 197 a UM team won the conference title.

Cross country regained varsity status in 1972 with track coach Dixon Farmer heading the program. Ron Warhurst became head coach in 1974 and led Michigan to the conference title his first three years. Warhurst headed the program for 36 seasons, through 2009, and produced seven conference titles, 8 individual Big Ten championships. 12 top-ten NCAA finishes and 37 All-Americans. Alex Gibby coached the team for four season, 2010-2013. Four-time All-American Kevin Sullivan returned to coach the Wolverines in 2014 and has won 2 conference titles and has 2 top-ten NCAA finishes.

Team Championships
NCAA Regional Team Championships:
1997, 2007(T), 2015
Big Ten Championships
1922, 194, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2015, 2017
NCAA Regional Individual Champions
Year Athlete
1993 Kevin Sullivan
1994 Kevin Sullivan
1995 Kevin Sullivan
1996 John Mortimer
1997 Kevin Sullivan
2004 Nate Brannen
2015 Mason Ferlic
2017 Ben Flanagan

Big Ten Individual Champions
Year Athlete
1922 E. R. Isbell
1949 Don McEwen
1590 Don McEwen
1977 Bill Donakowski
1986 Chris Brewster
1993 Kevin Sullivan
1994 Kevin Sullivan
1995 Kevin Sullivan
1996 Joh Mortimer
1997 Kevin Sullivan
2001 Alan Webb

1974 Mike McGuire
1974, 1975, 1976 Greg Meyer
1975, 1976,1977 Bill Donakowski
1979,1980 Dan Heikkinen
1980, 1983 Brian Diemer
1983 Gerard Donakowski
1985 Chris Brewster
1986, 1987, 1988 John Scherer
1990 Brad Barquist
1991 Tony Carna
1992 Scott MacDonald
1992 Mat Smith
1993, 1994,1995, 1997 Kevin Sullivan
1995, 1997 Joh Mortimer
1997, 1998 Todd Snyder
2000 Mark Pilja
2001 Alan Webb
1999, 2001 Mike Wisniewski
2002, 2003, 2004Nate Brannen
2002, 2003Nick Willis
2013 Mason Ferlic
2014 Mason Ferlic
2017 Ben Flanagan

Men's Cross Country Team Photos, 1919-1932, 1971-1998 (some missing).

All-Time Men's Cross Country Roster    Record Book (from mgoblue.com)