U of M Women's Golf

Elaine Crosby
Elaine Crosby, 1979, 1980
Joined the LPGA Tour in 1985, has 2 career titles
Inducted into the U of M Hall of Honor, in 1996

Annual Golf Team Record
Year Coach Conference Regional National
1977/78 Tom Simon 9th MAIAW
1978/79 7th MAIAW
1979/80 10th MAIAW, 4th+
1980/81 3rd MAIAW, 9th+
1981/82 8th MAIAW
1982/83 Sue LeClair 9th Big Ten
1983/84 9th Big Ten
1984/85 9th Big Ten
1985/86 8th Big Ten
1986/87 9th Big Ten
1987/88 9th Big Ten
1988/89 9th Big Ten
1989/90 7th Big Ten
1990/91 8th Big Ten
1991/92 9th Big Ten
1992/93 10th Big Ten
1993/94 Kathy Teichert 10th Big Ten
1994/95 7th Big Ten
1995/96 6th Big Ten
1996/97 4th Big Ten
1997/98 11th Big Ten
1998/99 10th Big Ten
1999/00 6th Big Ten
2000/01 7th Big Ten
2001/02 3rd Big Ten 6th 17th
2002/036th Big ten
2003/045th (T) Big Ten
2004/052nd Big Ten15th
2005/06 4th Big Ten
2006/07 6th Big Ten 13th
2007/08 5th Big Ten 13th
2008/09 7th Big Ten 17th
2009/10 Cheryl Stacey 8th Big Ten NTS
2010/11 8th Big Ten 18th
2011/12 4th Big Ten 16th
2012/13 10th Big Ten  
2013/14 Jan Dowling 11th Big Ten  
2014/15 6th Big Ten 5th
2015/16 6th Big Ten 6th 18th T
2016/17 5th Big Ten 6th 16th T
2017/18 7th Big Ten 6th  
+ Unofficial Big Ten Championships
First officially sanctioned Big Ten competition in 1982.
Big Ten 54-hole medal play, 1981-1984; 72-hole medal play 1984-present. MAIAW - Midwest Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women.

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All-Big Ten Selections
Sharon McDonald 1996 1st
Sharon Park 1997 1st
Wendy Westfall 1997 1st
Kim Benedict 2002 1st
Laura Olin 2004 2nd
Brianna Broderick 2005 1st
Laura Olin 2005 1st
Ai Stinson 2005 2nd
Amy Schmucker 2006 2nd
Brainna Broderick 2007 2nd
Ashley Bauer 2009 2nd
Ashley Bauer 2010 1st
Yugene Lee 2012 2nd
Grace Choi 2016 1sr
Catherine Peters 2016 2nd
Elodie Van Dievoet 2017 1st