A Bo Schembechler Gallery

The following photographs are from the collections of the Bentley Historical Library. Most were taken by long-time university photographer Bob Kalmbach or the University News and Inforamtion Service. Exceptions are several by Per Kjeldsen and the photo of Bo and Woody Hayes by Chance Brockway.

To obtain a reprint of a photo or to get permission to use a photo contact Greg Kinney at the Bentley Historical Library

bl006651 -- Bo Schembechler, yelling on the sidelines

bl006703 -- Coach Bo Schembechler carried off field after 1969 Ohio State game Date: 19691122

bl006724 -- Press conference announcing Bo Schembechler as New Michigan football coach [L-R: Bo Schembechler, Don Canham, Bump Elliott] Date: 1969

bl006725 -- Bo Schembechler and Don Canham in Michigan Stadium Date: 1980, Per Kjeldsen photographer.

bl006726 -- Bo Schembechler at desk Date: 1986

bl006727 -- Bo Schembechler, in office Date: 1989, Per Kjeldsen photographer.

bl006728 -- Bo Schembechler with reporters. Date: 1970

bl006729 -- Bo Schembechler speaking to group of kids Date: 1975

bl006730 -- Bo Schembechler on sidelines Date: 1982

bl006731 -- Bo Schembechler on the sidelines pointing Date: 1980

bl006732 -- Bo Schembechler paces up and down the sideline Date: 1980

bl006733 -- Bo Schembechler posed with arms crossed Date:

-- Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes. Date: 1969 (?) (Chance Brockway photo, high resolution not available)

bl006735 -- Bo Schembechler meets the press. Date: 1972

bl006736 -- Bo Schembechler talking with Tom Slade. Date: 1972

bl006738 -- Bo Schembechler speaks to John Vitale on the sidelines Date: 1988(?), Per Kjeldsen, photographer

bl006739 -- Bo Schembechler kneels to watch center snap, Mark Duffy to Tom Slade Date: 1972

bl006740 -- Bo Schembechler, on the ground, watches center snap, Mak Duffy to Tom Slade Date: 1972

bl006741 -- Bo Schembechler, close up shot in M cap

bl006743 -- Bo Schembechler coaching players on sideline Date: 1984, Per Kjeldsen, photographer

bl006744 -- Bo Schembechler instructs wide receiver Alan Mitchell. Date: 1979

bl006745 -- Bo Schembechler being carried of the field at Ohio State, 1978. Date: 19781125

bl006746 -- Bo Schembechler on sidelines wearing headphones

bl006747 -- Young Bo Schembechler and friends, in chimneysweep costume for grade school party.[on verso, L-R: Glenn "Bo" Schembechler, Chuck Price, Bob Christianson.] Date: 1939

bl006748 -- Bo Schembechler, Miami University football coach Date: 1965

bl006749 -- Bo Schembechler and teenage friends. Date: 1945

bl006750 -- Bo Schembechler and Bump Elliott press conference, 1969. Date: 1969

-- Bo Schembechler, post game celebration at 1989 Rose Bowl. Date: 19890102
(photographer unknown), do not reproduce without permission)

bl007184 -- Billy Taylor, receiving, receiving Most valuable Player award from Bo Schembechler. Date: 1971

Bo Schembechler talking with Rick Leach on sideline, 1978 Purude game. Date: 19781118

bl007203 -- Bo Schembechler leading team on to field, picture day 1970. Date: 1970

bl007202 -- Bo Schembechler leading team on to field, picture day 1970. Date: 1970

bl007257 -- Bo Schembechler leaving hospital after heart attack at 1970 Rose Bowl [with Hal Coombes, University Entertainment, Tournament of Roses and Mrs. Helen Fowler, R.N. ] Date: 19700119

bl007258 -- Bo Schembechler with Gerald Ford at football practice. Date: 1972

bl007619 -- David Hall and Bo Schembechler vs Washington State, 1983. Date: 19830910

bl007808 -- Carol Hutchins, U-M Softball coach and Bo Schembechler.
Date: 19890429

bo_batting_3 -- Bo Schembechler high-fiving Julie Cooper U-M softball game. Date: 19890429

bo_batting_2 -- Bo Schembechler batting at U-M softball game. Date: 19890429

bl007836 -- 1971 Football captains Guy Murdock and Frank Gusich with Schembechler. Date: 1971

bl007837 -- Bo Schembechler. Date: 1971

bl011064 -- Bo Schembechler and Jm Harbaugh Date: ca. 1986

bl011065 -- Bo Schembechler and Jim Harbaugh Date: ca. 1986

bl011066 -- Bo Schembechler on sidelines ca. 1985 Date: ca. 1985

bl011067 -- Bo Schembechler on sidelines ca. 1971 Date: ca. 1971

Bo_5l -- Bo and Cathy Schembechler

Bo_6l -- Jim Brandstatter, Cathy Schemechler, Bo Schembechler, Fritz Seyferth, Tirrel Burton