1898 Football Team

Overall Record: 10-0 Conference Record: 3-0
Conference Finish: 1st place
Coach: Gustave Ferbert
Captain: John W. Bennett
All-Americans: William Cunningham
Trainer: Keene Fitzpatrick
Assistant coaches: James Baird, John R. Duffy, Forrest M. Hall, Fred W. Henninger, William C. Malley, Giovanni R. Villa
Manager: Harry B. Potter, F.W. Potter

OpponentDateSiteResult Attend.
Michigan Normal 10/01 H W 21-0 -
Kenyon 10/08 H W 29-0 -
Michigan Agr. 10/12 H W 39-0 -
Western Reserve 10/15 H W 18-0 -
Case 10/19 H W 23-5 -
Notre Dame 10/23 H W 23-0 -
Alumni (HC) 10/29 H E 11-2 -
Northwestern 11/05 A W 6-5 -
Illinois 11/12 1 W 12-5 3,500
Beloit 11/19 H W 22-0 -
Chicago 11/24 A W 12-11 -
Total Points205-26

1 - Detroit, Michigan
E - The Alumni game was considered an exhibition and is not included in season and all-time results.

Starting Lineups                    
left end John Bennett (5)
Neil Snow (2)
Clayton Teetzel (3)
left tackles Hugh White (6)
Wood (3)
Day (?) (1)
left guard William Caley (6)
William P. Baker (3)
Richard France
center William Cunningham (4)
Henry Brown (3)
Robert Dye
right guard Richard France (8)
William Caley
Rutherford (?) Kramer
right tackle Alan Steckle (9)
Charles G. McDonald
right end Neil Snow (8)
John Bennett
Clayton Teetzel
quarterback William Talcott (6)
Charles Street (3)
Clifford Barabee
fullback Alanson Weeks (3)
William Caley (2)
Leo Keena (2)
Charles G. McDonald
Clifford Barabee
Frederic Hannan
left halfback Charles Widman (5)
Clifford Barabee (3)
Avery, Waldo
right halfback Charles Widman (3)
George Whitcomb (3)
Clifford Barabee (2)
John McLean (2)

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1898 Team Photo
1898 team photo
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Back Row
student manager Harry B. Potter, William P. Baker, John F. McLean, Neil B. Snow, W. A. Avery, William R. Cunningham, coach Gustave Ferbert
Middle Row
Charles E. Street, Clifford A. Barabee, William H. Caley, captain John W.F. Bennett, Allen Steckle, Charles H. Widman, William W. Talcott
Front Row
Charles G. McDonald, Alanson Weeks, Hugh White, Richard R. France

1898 Fotball Team Photo

1898 football team, full squad
Photo from Harper's Weekly Magazine, Vol. XLIII no. 2195 [view larger image]
Back Row-standing:
Hugh White, William Baker, John McLean, Harry Brown, Alanson Weeks, William Caley, Richard France, William Cunningham, captain John Bennett, ? Allen, Charles Street, Robert Dye, George Baldwin, Waldo Avery, Ralph(?) Hicks, Neil Snow, Clayton Teetzel, ? Tanschon
Middle Row-kneeling:
Charles McDonald, George Whitcomb, William Talcott
Front Row-seated:
Harry Scott Vernon, Ard Richardson, Frederic Hannan, "Kid", Carl Mohr, Charles Widman, Alan Steckle, Clifford Barabee

1898 Team Photo

1898Football Team