1903 Football Team

Overall Record: 11-0-1 Conference Record: 3-0-1
Conference Finish: 1st place
National Ranking: National Champions
Coach: Fielding Yost
Captain: Curtis Redden
All-Americans: William M. Heston
All-Conference: Joseph Maddock, William Heston, Curtis Redden
Trainer: Keene Fitzpatrick
Assistant coach: Dan McGugin
Manager: Thomas B. Roberts

OpponentDateSiteResult Attend.
Case 10/03 H W 31-0 -
Albion 10/08 H W 76-0 -
Beloit 10/10 H W 79-0 -
Ohio Northern 10/14 H W 65-0 -
Indiana 10/17 H W 51-0 -
Ferris State 10/21 H W 88-0* -
Drake 10/24 H W 47-0 -
Minnesota 10/31 A T 6-6 20,000
Ohio State 11/07 H W 36-0 5,000
Wisconsin (HC) 11/14 H W 16-0 -
Oberlin 11/21 H W 42-0 -
Chicago 11/26 A W 28-0 20,000
Total Points565-6

* -- A Michigan Daily article of Oct. 24 asserted that the correct score was 90-0. It claimed a safety was scored when a Ferris runner was downed behind the goal-line on a kickoff.

Michigan Daily Souvenir Extra account of the Minneosta game, 10/31/1903

Starting Lineups                    
left end Curtis Redden (11)
Fred Norcross
left tackle John Curtis (12)
left guard Henry Schulte (12)
center George Gregory (10)
Ted (Edward) Hammond (2)
right guard Cecil Gooding (12)
right tackle Joseph Maddock (9)
Walter L. Eycke (2)
George Edmunds
right end Frank Longman (7)
Tom Hammond (3)
Herb Graver David Dunlap
quarterback John Henry "Harry" James (8)
Fred Norcross (4)
fullback Tom Hammond (8)
Frank Longman (3)
Rolla Bigelow
left halfback Willie Heston (8)
Fred Norcross (3)
Hal Weeks
Rolla Bigelow
right halfback Herb Graver (8)
Fred Norcross
Duncan (?) Thomson
Frank Longman
Jim Depree

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1903 Team Photo
1903 team photo
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[N0te: photo includes only varsity letter winners]

Back Row
manager Thomas Roberts, Cecil Gooding, Dan McGugin, Charles Baird, John Curtis, Keene Fitzpatrick
Middle Row
Tom Hammond, Herb Graver, Joseph Maddock, captain Curtis Redden, Coach Fielding Yost, George Gregory, Henry Schulte
Front Row
Fred Norcross, Frank Longman, Hugh James, Willie Heston

1903 Team Photo, on practice field
1903 team photo
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1903 Team on porch at Ludington trsining camp
1903 team photo
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