[From a transcription of a newspaper article found in the files of Millie Schembechler's Football Centennial Committee in the Bentley's Athletic Department records.]

Chicago Tribune May 31, 1879

At the White-Stocking grounds yesterday afernoon an interesting game of football was played between Racine College and the Michigan University teams. The attendance was good and enthusiastically cheered the contestants whenever opportunity occurred. Constituting the Racine team were the following: A. Dup Parker, A.C. Torbert, A.L. Cleveland, G.W. Roberts, L. ROgers, C. K. Billings, S.G. Ormsby, F.S. Martin, K. Green, A.L. Fulforth, and J.W. Johnston; umpire W. DeG Rice.

The Michigan University team consisted of D. DeTarr, John Chase, R.L. Edwards, C.S. Mitchell, C.H. Campbell, F.F. Read, E.H. Barmore, R.G. DePuy, I.K. Pond, J.A. Greene, W.Wn. Hannan; A.J. Petit.

The game lasted nearly two hours and was a closely played one. It was played not according to the regular rugby rules, but rulings were made under a modified version of these regulations. From first to last the Racine boys were on the defensive. Shortly after the kickoff, by the Michiganders, they won a touchdown.

From that time both parties struggled unanimously for a goal, which finally was made in the favor of Michigan. Chase caught the ball and DeTarr kicked it over. No bones were broken, but Torbert was stretched out on the turf. A bucket of water however revived him.