Beginning Dates of Michigan Varsity Sports

Men's SportsWomen's Sports
Year SportYearSport
186/66 Baseball1973/74Field Hockey
1878/79 Football1973/74Volleyball
1892/93 Tennis1973/74Basketball
1895/96 Track (Outdoor)1973/74Tennis
1908/09 Basketball (1)1973/74Swimming and Diving
1917/18 Track (Indoor)1973/74 Synchronized Swimming (6)
1919/20 Cross Country (2) 1975/76Gymnastics
1922/23 Swimming and Diving (3)1977/78Softball
1922/23 Wrestling (3)1977/78Track (Outdoor)
1922/23 Hockey (3)1977/78Track (Indoor)
1927/28 Fencing (4)1979/80Cross Country
1930/31 Gymnastics (5) 1994/95Soccer
2000/01 Soccer1996/97Rowing
2012/13 Lacrosse2000/01Water Polo
1 - Basketball was a varsity sport for one season, 1908/09, then discontinued when Michigan left the Western Conference. Varsity competition was resumed in 1917/18 when Michigan re-joined the conference.

2 - Michigan did not field a varsity team between 1933 and 1970, but several runners did compete as individuals in the Big Ten meet during the period. Cross Country returned to varsity status in 1971.

3) At its December 1922 meeting the Board In Control of Intercollegiate Athletics voted to make hockey, swimming and wrestling varsity sports. Hockey and swimming began varsity competition in January 1923. Wrestling would not start varsity competition until the 1923/24 season. Students had organized "informal varsity teams" for each sport for one or more years before attaining official varsity status.

4 - Fencing was a varsity sport for eight seasons, 1928-1933.

5 - Gymnastics was dropped as a varsity sport after the 1933 season. It was reestablished in 1947/48.

6 - Synchronized Swimming was one of the original women's varsity sports but was discontinued when the Michigan women's athletic program joined the Big Ten Conference in 1982.