Beginning Dates of Michigan Varsity Sports

Men's SportsWomen's Sports
Year SportYearSport
1865/66 Baseball1973/74Field Hockey
1878/79 Football1973/74Volleyball
1892/93 Tennis1973/74Basketball
1895/96 Track (Outdoor)1973/74Tennis
1908/09 Basketball (1)1973/74Swimming and Diving
1917/18 Track (Indoor)1973/74Synchronized Swimming (4)
1919/20 Cross Country (2)1975/76Gymnastics
1921/22Swimming and Diving1977/78Softball
1921/22Wrestling1977/78Track (Outdoor)
1922/23 Hockey1977/78Track (Indoor)
1927/28 Fencing (3)1979/80Cross Country
1930/31 Gymnastics1994/95Soccer
2000/01 Soccer1996/97Rowing
2000/01Water Polo
1 - Basketball was a varsity sport for one season, 1908/09, then discontinued when Michigan left the Western Conference. Varsity competition was resumed in 1917/18 when Michigan re-joined the conference.

2 - Michigan did not field a varsity team between 1933 and 1970, but several runners did compete as individuals in the Big Ten meet during the period. Cross Country returned to varsity status in 1971.

3 - Fencing was a varsity sport for eight seasons, 1928-1933

4 - Synchronized Swimming was one of the original women's varsity sports but was discontinued when the Michigan women's athletic program joined the Big Ten Conference in 1982