U of M Men's Tennis Annual Team Results, 1893-2016

YEAR Coach Win/Loss Pct. Big Ten NCAA Finish
1893No coach0-0.0001st#
1894no team
1895no team
1896no team
1897No coach0-0.0001st+
1898No coach0-0.0002nd+
1899No coach1-01.000*
1900No coach0-1.000*
1901No coach0-0.0001st+
1902No coach1-01.000*
1903No coach1-01.0001st+
1904No coach3-01.0001st+
1905No coach1-01.000*
1906no team
1907No coach1-01.000*
1908No coach5-1-1.786%
1909No coach4-1.800%
1910No coach2-0-1.833%
1911No coach2-1-1.688%
1912No coach5-1.833%
1912-13Alfred O. Lee3-2.600%
1913-14Alfred O. Lee2-5-1.313%
1914-15Alfred O. Lee5-2.714%
1915-16Alfred O. Lee3-3-1.500%
1916-17 no team (WW I)
1917-18Alfred O. Lee1-2.333*
1918-19Chris Mack4-01.0001st
1919-20Chris Mack/
Alfred O. Lee
1920-21Alfred O. Lee8-3.727*
1921-22Walter Westbrook9-3-1.731*
1922-23Alfred O. Lee9-1-2.833T1st
1923-24Paul Leidy9-2-1.7922nd
1924-25Robert Angell7-3-1.681*
1925-26Henry Hutchins8-2.800*
1926-27Henry Hutchins8-01.000T1st
1927-28Henry Hutchins4-1.800*
1928-29Henry Hutchins4-01.000*
1929-30Ray Courtright9-1.900*
1930-31John Johnstone6-2.750*
1931-32John Johnstone4-2-2.625*
1932-33John Johnstone5-7-1.423*
1933-34John Johnstone5-4-1.5502nd
1934-35John Johnstone10-2-1.8087th
1935-36John Johnstone3-9-1.2693rd
1936-37John Johnstone7-6.5384th
1937-38LeRoy Weir10-8.5568th
1938-39LeRoy Weir17-3.8503rd
1939-40LeRoy Weir11-5.6884th
1940-41LeRoy Weir17-3.8501st
1941-42LeRoy Weir10-1.9092nd
1942-43LeRoy Weir4-5.4445th
1943-44LeRoy Weir8-1.8891st
1944-45LeRoy Weir8-01.0001st
1945-46LeRoy Weir9-4.6925th
1946-47W. Robert Dixon11-5.6883rd
1947-48W. Robert Dixon9-4.6922nd
1948-49William Murphy8-01.0002nd
1949-50William Murphy9-01.0003rd
1950-51William Murphy6-2.7502nd
1951-52William Murphy6-4.6005th
1952-53William Murphy8-3.7273rd
1953-54William Murphy11-3-1.7672nd
1954-55William Murphy13-01.0001st xNCAA 5th Place
1955-56William Murphy12-01.0001st
1956-57William Murphy12-01.0001st x NCAA Champion
1957-58William Murphy8-2.8003rd
1958-59William Murphy9-1.9001st
1959-60William Murphy7-4.6361st
1960-61William Murphy9-3.7501st
1961-62William Murphy8-2.8001st
1962-63William Murphy7-6.5382nd
1963-64William Murphy9-4.6922nd
1964-65William Murphy10-4.7141st
1965-66William Murphy10-01.0001st
1966-67William Murphy9-3.7502nd
1967-68William Murphy13-01.0001st
1968-69William Murphy15-2.8821st
1969-70Brian Eisner13-4.7651st x13th Place
1870-71 Brian Eisner17-4.8101st x25th Place
1971-72Brian Eisner15-3.8331st x 18th Place
1972-73Brian Eisner18-3.8571st x6th Place
1973-74Brian Eisner14-1.9331st x3rd Place
1974-75Brian Eisner16-1.9411st x4th Place
1975-76Brian Eisner14-4.7771st x26th Place
1976-77Brian Eisner16-4.8001st xT9th Place
1977-78Brian Eisner14-5.7371st 
1978-79Brian Eisner19-2.8641st x1st Round
1979-80Brian Eisner18-1.9471st x10th Place
1980-81Brian Eisner17-4.8181st x19th Place
1981-82Brian Eisner16-9.6401st x1st Round
1982-83Brian Eisner13-12.5201st x1st Round
1983-84Brian Eisner9-7.5625th 
1984-85Brian Eisner13-4.7651st x1st Round
1985-86Brian Eisner13-8.5912nd 
1986-87Brian Eisner28-3.903 x2nd Round
1987-88Brian Eisner26-5.839 xT3rd Place
1988-89Brian Eisner15-10.600 
1989-90Brian Eisner11-15.4236th 
1990-91Brian Eisner12-8.6008th 
1991-92Brian Eisner6-16.2738th 
1992-93Brian Eisner8-14.3648th 
1993-94Brian Eisner15-8.6522nd x1st Round
1994-95Brian Eisner17-9.6542nd x2nd Round
1995-96Brian Eisner18-8.6921st x1st Round
1996-97Brian Eisner9-14.3916th 
1997-98Brian Eisner13-10.5654th x1st Round
1998-99Brian Eisner16-5.762T5th x1st Round
1999-2000Mark Mees16-7.696T3rd x2nd Round
2000-01Mark Mees12-10.545T5th x1st Round
2001-02Mark Mees15-9.625T5th x1st Round
2002-03Mark Mees9-13.409T9th 
2003-04Mark Mees13-9.591T7th 
2004-05Bruce Berque15-10.6003rd 
2005-06Bruce Berque13-12.5204th x1st Round
2006-07Bruce Berque20-7.741T2nd x2nd Round
2007-08Bruce Berque20-7.7414th x3rd Round
2008-09Bruce Berque14-15.483T4th 
2009-10Bruce Berque14-11.5603rd x2nd Round
2010-11Bruce Berque13-11.5415th x1st Round
2011-12Bruce Berque18-8.6922nd x2nd Round
2012-13Bruce Berque16-10.6152nd x1st Round
2013-14 Bruce Berque 16-13 .551 3rd x 1st Round
2014-15 Adam Steinberg 7-17 .292 T9th    
2015-16 Adam Steinberg 21-8 .724 3rd x 2nd Round
2016-17 Adam Steinberg 23-7 .766 2nd x 2nd Round
2017-18 Adam Steinberg 22-6 .786 3rd x 2nd Round

Totals 14 coaches 1224-541-18 .692 35 appearances

# Northwestern Intercollegiate Tournament
+ Western Intercollegiate Tournament
* Big Ten finish unknown (only kept the top 2 places)
% Michigan was not a member of the Big Ten Conference from 1908-1917