1956 Football Team

Overall Record: 7-2 Conference Record: 5-2
Conference Finish: 2nd place
National Ranking: AP - No. 7, UPI - No. 7
Coach: Bennie G. Oosterbaan
Captain: Tom Maentz
All-Americans: Ron Kramer
All-Conference: Ron Kramer
Most Valuable Player: Dick Hill
Meyer Morton Award: John Herrnstein
John Maulbetsch Award: John Herrnstein
Trainer: Jim Hunt
Assistant coaches: Jack Blott, Don Dufek, Robert Holloway, Clifford Keen, Pete Kinyon, Matt Patanelli, Don Robinson, Walter Weber
Manager: Dave Lundquist

OpponentRankDateSiteResult Attend.
UCLA 13/- 09/29 H W 42-13 70,159
Michigan State  5/2 10/06 H L 0-9 101,001
Army 12/15 10/13 H W 48-14 93,402
Northwestern  8/- 10/20 H W 34-20 81,718
Minnesota (HC)  5/- 10/27 H L 7-20 85,566
Iowa 17/7 11/03 A W 17-14 55,896
Illinois 10/- 11/10 H W 17-7 75,735
Indiana 10/- 11/17 H W 49-26 58,515
Ohio State  9/12 11/24 A W 19-0 78,830
Totals233-123 700,822

Starting Lineups Offense         
left end Ron Kramer (9)
left tackle Jim Orwig (9)
left guard Dick Hill (9)
center Mike Rotunno (8)
Gene Snider
right guard Marv Nyren (9)
right tackle Lionel Sigman (9)
right end Tom Maentz (9)
quarterback Jim Van Pelt (9)
fullback John Herrnstein (9)
left halfback Jim Pace (7)
Bob Ptacek (2)
right halfback Terry Barr (7)
Ed Shannon (2)

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1956 Team Photo

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[Note: photo includes only varsity letter winners]

Back Row
Dave Lundquist (Manager), Jack Lousma, Gene Sisinyak, John Spidel, Ray Wine, Walter Johnson, Dave Bowers, Jerry Marciniak, Jim Dickey
4th Row
Jim Hunt (trainer), Dick Heynen, Gene Snider, Marv Nyren, Bob Ptacek, Gary Prahst, John Herrnstein, Tom Berger, Willie Smith
3rd Row
Jim Van Pelt, Alex Bochnowski, Jim Pace, Clem Corona, Jim Byers, Jim Davies, Larry Faul, Mike Shatusky
2nd Row
Al Sigman, Terry Barr, Dave Rentschler, Ron Krammer, Charlie Brooks, Dick Hill, Ed Shannon
Front Row
John Greenwood, Mike Rotunno, H. O. Crisler (Director of Athletics), Tom Maentz (captain), Bennie Oosterbaan (coach), Jim Orwig (captain-elect), Jim Maddock