Michigan in the Civil War

Jenkins, Permelia E.

Jenkins was a resident of Otisco, Ionia County, Mich. Her papers contain letters from friends and relatives serving as soldiers during the Civil War, including:

Edwin R. Bury, of Company B, 25th Michigan Infantry. Three letters (Apr. 23, June 28, and Aug. 26, 1863) from Louisville, Ky., where he was a prison guard.

Benjamin F. Tower, of Company C, 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics. Two letters (Mar. 10 and Apr. 7, 1864) from Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain.

C. C. Whitney, either of Company A., 15th Michigan Infantry or Company I, 22nd Michigan Infantry. One letter (Nov. 10, 1863) from Bridgeport, Ala.