Michigan in the Civil War: Checklist of Brown's item numbers

Ida C. Brown's Michigan Men in the Civil War contains 502 numbered descriptions of groups of Civil War letters, diaries, and reminiscences, as well as six brief unnumbered descriptions of regimental records. The descriptions are generally keyed to the writer of the letter, diary, or other item, rather than to the name of the collection as used in the Michigan Historical Collections. While many collections are identified by the names used in Brown's guide, many other collections are named for the recipient of the correspondence, a family name, or a collector's name. This makes it difficult at times to find a particular item described by Brown among the library's Civil War collections. This checklist matches Brown's item numbers with the correct collection name, and notes a few of Brown's items that have been transferred to other archives.

Brown number Heading Current location
2 AINSWORTH, CALVIN Ainsworth, Calvin
3 ALLEN, C. EMERSON Allen, C. Emerson
4 BAILEY, FRANKLIN H. Bailey, Franklin H.
5 BAKER, BENJAMIN B. Withington, William Herbert Papers
6 BARBOUR, GEORGE W. Barbour, George W.
7 BELLAMY, HENRY H. Bellamy, Henry H.
8 BESSMER, JOHN M. Weissert, John Correspondence
9 BETTIS, JOHN T. Buck family
10 BEVIER, JONATHAN. Withington, William Herbert Papers
11 BINGHAM, JAMES W. Bingham, Kinsley S.
12 BOSTON, WILLIAM Boston, William
13 BREAKEY, WILLIAM FLEMING. Stevens, William Collin Papers
14 BROKAW, E. V. W. Goodrich, Edward P. Papers
15 BRONSON, EUGENE H. Flanders, Edwin P. Papers
16 BROWN, FRANK M. Brown family (Stephen F. Brown)
17 BROWN, WILLIAM ANSON Brown, William Anson
18 BUCHANAN, JOHN CLAUDE Buchanan family
19 BUCK, ANDREW NEWTON Buck family
20 BUCK, CURTIS Buck family
21 BURROWS, JULIUS C. Withington, William Herbert Papers
22 CARPENTER, ORLANDO E. Carpenter, Orlando E. Diary
23 CHASE, GEORGE WILLEY. Chase, George Willey Papers
24 CLARK, NATHAN B. Clark, Nathan B. Papers
25 CLEVELAND, CHARLES MONROE. Cleveland Family Papers
26 CLUBB, HENRY S. Clubb, Henry S. Papers
27 COBB, DANIEL J. Cobb, Daniel J. Letters
28 DE LAND, CHARLES VICTOR. Deland Family Papers
29 DUNN, FRANCIS WAYLAND. Dunn, Francis W. Papers
30 DUNN, NEWELL RANSOM. Dunn, Ransom Papers
31 EDMONDS, CHARLES A. Withington, William Herbert Papers
32 ELDER, JOHN A. McKibbin, May E. Papers
33 EWING, ALEXANDER Beal, Rice Aner
34 FAXON, JOHN HARVEY. Faxon, John H. Papers
35 FENNER, STEPHEN HENRY. Fenner, Stephen Henry Diary
36 FERRY, WILLIAM MONTAGUE. Ferry Family (William Montague Ferry) Papers
37 FIELD, FREDERICK N. Field, Frederick N. Papers
38 FITZGIBBON, THOMAS C. Shearman, Francis Willett Papers
39 FORD, CHARLES. Withington, William Herbert Papers
40 FOX, DORUS M. March, Edwin J. Correspondence
41 FOX, NEWTON P. Fox Family Correspondence
42 FOX, PERRIN V. Fox Family Correspondence
42 FOX, PERRIN V. Sligh Family Papers
43 FYFE, JENNIE. Fyfe Family Papers
44 GARRISON, ABRAM E. Goodrich, Edward P. Papers
45 GARRISON, WRIGHT H. Garrison, Wright H. Correspondence
46 GRANT, CLAUDIUS BUCHANAN. Grant, Claudius B. Papers
47 GRIFFIN, ELI AUGUSTUS. Griffin, Eli A. Papers
48 HAGER, PHINEAS A. Hager Family Correspondence
49 HAINES, DAVID H. United States. Army. Michigan Cavalry Regiment, 4th (1862-1865) Record
50 HALL, FRANCIS EVERETT. Hall, Francis Everett Letters
51 HALL, MORRIS STUART. Hall, Morris Stuart Papers
52 HAYDON, CHARLES B. Haydon, Charles B. Papers
53 HELLE, WILLIAM F. Helle, William F. Papers
54 HEMPSTEAD, HENRY MORTIMER. Hempstead, Henry Mortimer Diary
55 HERRIMAN, SIDNEY H. Herriman, Sidney H. Diary
56 HOFFMAN, SAMUEL. Hoffman, Samuel J. Correspondence
57 HOWELL, SEYMOUR. Howell, Seymour Papers
58 HUNT, CHARLES G. Hunt, Charles G. Letter
59 JONES, JOHN. Withington, William Herbert Papers
60 KAY, JOHN B. Kay, John B. Papers
61 KELLY, [KELLEY] CHARLES A. Kelley, A. H. Letters
62 KENT DANIEL. Kent, Daniel Papers
63 KINGSLEY, FRANK. Kingsley Family Papers
64 LERICH, ISAAC N. Lerich Family Papers
65 LERICH, WILLIAM F. Lerich Family Papers
66 LEWIS, BENTON W. Watkins, Lydia Papers
67 LEWIS, WILLIAM ELY. Spaulding, Oliver Lyman Papers
68 LIMBOCKER (LENBOCKER) WILLIAM E. Limbarker, William E. Diary
69 LOVE, JOHN C. Love, John C. Papers
70 LUCE, CONSTANT. Withington, William Herbert Papers
71 LYON, G. COLLINS. Withington, William Herbert Papers
72 MCCUMBER (MACUMBER) BENJAMIN C. Macumber Family Correspondence
73 MARCH, EDWIN J. March, Edwin J. Correspondence
74 MILLSPAUGH, DAVID. Millspaugh, David Diary
75 MONTEITH, EDWIN HARRIS. Monteith, John Papers
76 MONTEITH, GEORGE. Monteith, John Papers
77 MORTON, RICHARD T. Weissert, John Correspondence
78 NEWMAN, GEORGE S. Withington, William Herbert Papers
79 NICHOSON, JOHN WILLIAM. Nichoson, John W. Papers
80 PARKHURST, JOHN GIBSON. Parkhurst, John Gibson Papers
81 PARRISH, C. Parrish, Lester Papers
82 PEEL, CHARLES. Peel, Charles Papers
84 PHILLIPS, HORACE. Phillips, Horace Diary
85 POTTER, HENRY ALBERT. Potter, Henry Albert Papers
86 REED, SETH.Reed, Seth Papers
87 RICHARDS, ALFRED S. Richards Family Papers
88 SAWYER, FRANKLIN. Sawyer, Edward A. Correspondence
89 SCHMALZRIEDT, FREDERICH. Schmalsriedt Family Papers
90 SCHNEIDER, FREDERICK. March, Edwin J. Correspondence
91 SETRIGHT, JOHN T. Setright, John T. Letters
92 SLAYTON, WILLIAM LAMBERT. Slayton Family Papers
93 SMITH, ALBERT S. Smith, Sidney Papers
94 SOULE, HARRISON. Soule, Harrison Papers
95 SPAULDING, OLIVER LYMAN. Spaulding, Oliver Lyman Papers
96 SPENCE, JAMES K. Cook, John Potter Papers
97 STANARD, HERCULES. Stanard Family Papers
98 STANARD, WILLIAM B. Stanard Family Papers
99 STANARD, WILLIAM N. Stanard Family Papers
100 STARK, HENRY. Hager Family Correspondence
101 STEVENS, WILLIAM COLIN. Stevens, William Collin Papers
102 SWADDLE, WILLIAM C. Flanders, Edwin P. Papers
103 TUTTLE, JAMES GILMORE. Tuttle, James Gilmore Reminiscences
104 WATSON, EDWARD MICHAEL. Watson, Edward Michael Papers
105 WEISSERT, JOHN. Weissert, John Correspondence
106 WELLS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. Wells Family Papers
107 WHITE, WILLIAM H. Hager Family Correspondence
108 WILSON, ALBERT C. Goodrich, Edward P. Papers
109 WITHINGTON, WILLIAM HERBERT. Withington, William Herbert Papers
110 WITTUM, MARION. Wittum, Marion Letters
111 WOODBURY, GEORGE E. Woodbury, George E. Letters
112 WOODRUFF, CHARLES. Woodruff, Charles Papers
113 WRIGHT, DEAN C. Wright, Dean C. Letter
114 ABBOTT, SIDNEY. Sligh Family Papers
115 ALFORD (ALFRED), GEORGE W. Alford, George Washington
116 ALLEN, CHARLES. Deland Family Papers
117 ARNDT, ALBERT F. R. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
118 BAILEY, EDWARD G. Bailey, Ira K.
119 BAILEY, IRA K. Bailey, Ira K.
120 BAILEY, THOMAS DOLAN Bailey, Thomas Dolan
121 BARDWELL, JOSEPH H. Butler, Charles
122 BEBEE, ED. Stanard Family Papers
123 BENNETT, JOHN. Griffin, Eli A. Papers
124 BLASHFIELD, GEORGE. Enos, Henry M. Papers
125 BOUGHTON, JOHN C. March, Edwin J. Correspondence
126 BRADISH, DARIUS C. Bradish, Curran
127 BRAINERD, MRS. ELMINA. Norris Family Papers
128 BRIGDEN, WHARTON W. Brigden, Wharton W.
129 BROMLEY, JOHN. Faxon, John H. Papers
130 BUCKBEE, EDWARD J. Deland Family Papers
131 BUMP, ORRIN. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
132 BURGOYNE, JOHN. Norris Family Papers
133 CALDWELL, DANIEL M. Stevens, William Collin Papers
134 CAMPBELL, ROBERT H. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
135 CARROLL, WILLIAM J. Carroll, William J. Papers
136 CASE, LEVERETTE N. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
137 CHAFFEE, C. T. Enos, Henry M. Papers
138 CLAXTON, WILLIAM C. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
139 COLE, MINER T. Cole, Miner T. Papers
140 COMTE, VICTOR E. Comte, Victor E. Papers
141 CORSELIUS, EDWARD. Corselius, George Papers
142 CORSELIUS, FRED. Corselius, George Papers
143 COVEY, HIRAM F. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
144 CUDNEY, CHARLES H. Sligh Family Papers
145 DAVID, JAMES I. Stevens, William Collin Papers
146 DAVIS, FERDINAND. Davis, Ferdinand Autobiography
146 DAVIS, FERDINAND. Davis, R. C. (Raymond Cazallis) papers
148 DRAKE, LUDLUM C. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
149 DUNCAN, RICHARD W. Hager Family Correspondence
150 EASTBURN, ISAAC H. Christian, David Palmer Papers
151 FARRAR, JUDSON S. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
152 FISH, TIMOTHY R. March, Edwin J. Correspondence
153 FISK, CLINTON BOWEN[Transferred to Fisk University]
154 FLANDERS, GEORGE A. Davis, Raymond Cazallis Papers
155 FULMER, CHARLES W. Hoffman, Samuel J. Correspondence
156 GIFFORD, EDSON P. Sligh Family Papers
157 GRANT, CLAUDIUS BUCHANAN. Grant, Claudius B. Papers
158 HALL, MORRIS STUART. Hall, Morris Stuart Papers
159 HARTER, MATHIAS. Harter, Mathias Papers
160 HENDERSON, THOMAS D. Watson, Edward Michael Papers
161 HENRY, CHARLES E. Bellamy, Henry H.
162 HOPKINS, ENOS. Sligh Family Papers
163 HOPPER, GEORGE C. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
164 HOWER, WESLEY N. Fox, William H. Letters
165 HUBBARD, SAMUEL M. Hager Family Correspondence
166 INNES, ROBERT S. Innes, Robert Strachan Letters
167 INNES, WILLIAM P. Sligh Family Papers
168 JACKLIN, RUFUS W. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
169 JANES, THERON E. Faxon, John H. Papers
170 JESSUP, JOSEPH. Jessup, Joseph Letters
171 JEWELL, DAVID A. Sligh Family Papers
172 KEELER, DEXTER D. Keeler, Dexter Papers
173 KILBORN (KILBURN), GEORGE H. McArthur, Reuben Letters
174 KNAPP, ANDREW B. Norris Family Papers
175 LARABEE, AUGUSTUS W. Spalding, Wilbur F. Letters
176 LIGHTHALL, DOW L. Sligh Family Papers
177 LOOMIS, CYRUS O. Parkhurst, John Gibson Papers
178 MCCRATH, JOHN W. Sligh Family Papers
179 MCISAACS, JOHN. Davis Family Papers (Collected By Mrs. E. E. Davis)
180 MALTMAN, JOHN S. Maltman, John S. Letter
181 MILLER, CLEMENT F. Sligh Family Papers
182 MINER, DANIEL V. Miner Family Papers
183 [MINER?], MARTIN Miner Family Papers
184 MIZNER, HENRY R. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
185 MOORE, ORLANDO HURLEY. Moore, Orlando H. Papers
186 MOORE, SAMUEL RANDAL. Moore Family Papers
187 MORAN, FRANK. Davis Family Papers (Collected By Mrs. E. E. Davis)
188 MORAN, PATRICK. Davis Family Papers (Collected By Mrs. E. E. Davis)
189 MOULTON, CHARLES HENRY. Moulton, Charles H. Papers
190 NAYLOR, WILLIAM A. Fox Family Correspondence
191 NEVINS, WILLIAM S. Sligh Family Papers
192 NEWMYER, GEORGE W.[Discarded]
193 NEWTON, GEORGE H. Newton Family Papers
194 O'CALLAGHAN (O'CALLAHAN), THOMAS. Woodruff, D. O. Papers
195 PATTERSON, PHILO D. Patterson, John C. Papers
196 PAYNE, MARTIN B. McArthur, Reuben Letters
197 LYON, SOLOMON T. Lyon, Solomon T. Papers
197 PISTORIUS. Pistorius, Frederick Letter
198 PLUMB, MRS. LAURA. Norris Family Papers
199 PULLMAN, PASCHAL A. Griffin, Eli A. Papers
200 PUTMAN, WILLIAM. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
201 RATH, CHRISTIAN. Withington, William Herbert Papers
202 REED, ELIJAH. Fox, William H. Letters
203 REED, LAFAYETTE M. Reed, Lafayette M. Letter
204 RICE, LEWIS J. Bailey, Ira K.
205 ROWE, JAMES DELOS. Rowe Family Papers
206 SCHERMERHORN, JOHN F. Bailey, Ira K.
207 207. SEAGE, HENRY S. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
208 SHAFTER, JOHN N. Hager Family Correspondence
209 SHIREY, SOLOMON. Fox, William H. Letters
210 SHURLY, C. R. P. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
211 SLAYTON, ASA WALKER. Slayton Family Papers
212 SLAYTON, AUGUSTUS WHITMAN. Slayton Family Papers
213 SLAYTON, CHARLES WOOD. Slayton Family Papers
214 SLAYTON, CHESTER METCALF. Slayton Family Papers
215 SLIGH, JAMES MAY. Sligh Family Papers
216 SLIGH, JAMES WILSON. Sligh Family Papers
217 SPALDING (SPAULDING), WILBUR F. Spalding, Wilbur F. Letters
218 STODDARD, BYRON. Soule, Harrison Papers
219 TODD, CHARLES D. Comstock, Lorin L. Papers
220 TREGO, DAVID R. Trego, David R. Letters
221 TROWBRIDGE, LUTHER STEPHEN. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
222 TUCKER, CHARLES. Tucker, Stephen Davis Papers
223 TYLER, JOHN. Withington, William Herbert Papers
224 VANDER VEEN, ARAND. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
225 VAN SICKLE, JOHN. Jessup, Joseph Letters
226 WALKER, GEORGE D. Sligh Family Papers
227 WARNER, HARVEY L. Warner, Harvey L. Letters
228 WARNER, WALTER. Sligh Family Papers
229 WATTS, RICHARD A. Watts, Richard A. Reminiscences
230 WELCH, SAMUEL[Transferred to Ohio Historical Society]
231 WELLS, ALBERT. Sligh Family Papers
232 WHITE, GEORGE W. Sligh Family Papers
233 WILKINSON, WILLIAM H. Parkhurst, John Gibson Papers
234 WINEGAR, WILLIAM. Withington, William Herbert Papers
235 WING, LUCIUS M. Griffin, Eli A. Papers
236 WISNER, MOSES. Wisner, Moses Papers
237 WOLCOTT, LAURENS W. Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States. Michigan Commandery Records
238 WRIGHT, ALFRED W. Enos, Henry M. Papers
239 YATES, JOHN B. Yates, John B. History
240 ADAMS, CHARLES OSCAR Adams, Charles Oscar
241 AUSTIN, ALBERT G. Cook, Sullivan Letters
242 BAIRD, WILLIAM Baird family
243 BANCROFT, JOHN MILTON Bancroft, John Milton
244 BARDWELL, JOSEPH H. Butler, Charles
245 BARKER, LORENZO A. Barker, Lorenzo A.
246 BARLOW, CHARLES H. Bates, Charles F.
247 BATES, HENRY C. Bates, Charles F.
248 BAUGHMAN, ADELBERT D. Baughman, Adelbert D.
249 BENDER, JOHN H. Sutton family
250 BOSTON, WILLIAM Boston, William
251 BOWERS, ALFRED Bowers, Alfred
252 BUSH, RANSOM Bush, Ransom
253 CARLISLE, MRS. HANNAH L. Carlisle Family Papers
254 CHADWICK, ELIHU P. Chadwick, Elihu P. Diary
255 CHAPMAN, LUCIUS W.[Transferred to William L. Clements Library]
256 CHARLES, HORACE Butler, Charles
257 CLASSER, J. A. Robbins, Jerome John Papers
258 COMPTON, SILAS H. Compton, Silas H. Letter
259 CONELY [CONLEY], THOMAS JEFFERSON. Conely, Thomas Jefferson Papers
260 COOK, ORLEN P. Cook, Sullivan Letters
261 COOK, SULLIVAN. Cook, Sullivan Letters
262 COOLEY, HENRY G. Cooley, Henry G. Papers
263 CORDEN, JOHN. Corden, John Letters
264 CRANE, ALEXANDER B. Bates, Charles F.
266 DEAN, HENRY STEWART. Dean, Henry Stewart Papers
267 DEMMON, ISAAC NEWTON. Demmon, Isaac Newton Papers
268 DIVINE, JACOB M. Van Vlack Family Papers
269 EDWARDS, ARTHUR. Sutton, John A. Correspondence
270 EDWARDS, ISAAC Z. Edwards, Isaac Z. Letters
271 EVANS, FRANK. Shaw Family (Adrian, Mich.) Papers
272 FERRIS, JOHN D.[Unidentified]
273 FERRY, WILLIAM MONTAGUE. Ferry Family (William Montague Ferry) Papers
274 FORD, EDWIN. Ford, Edwin Letters
275 GLEASON, THEODORE H. Gleason, Theodore H. Letters
276 GREENE, WILLIAM M. Greene, William M. Papers
277 GREENFIELD, LEVI Bailey, Franklin H.
278 GRIFFIS [GRIFFIN], JOHN S. Griffis, John S. Letters
279 GROMMON, FRANKLIN P. Grommon, Frank P. Diary
280 GROSS, FRANK. Gross, Frank Diary
281 HODSKIN, CHARLES HORACE. Hodskin, Charles Horace Diary
282 HOFFMAN, JACOB. Shaw Family (Adrian, Mich.) Papers
283 HOUGHTON, JAMES. Houghton, James Journal
284 HOUSE, ERIC D. Bates, Charles F.
285 HOWELL, SEYMOUR. Howell, Seymour Papers
286 HUME, CHARLES W. Hume, Charles W. Diary
287 INGRAHAM, DAVID P. Conely, Thomas Jefferson Papers
288 JACKSON, WALTER HINCKLEY. Jackson, Walter H. Papers
289 JELLEY [JELLY], EDWARD. Jelley, Edward Letters
290 KEELER, ALONZO MERRILL. Keeler Family Papers
291 KEELER, EZRA. Keeler Family Papers
292 KELLOGG, E. LYMAN Bates, Charles F.
293 KNIPPLE, DANIEL H. Starr, Eli Lake Papers
294 LAMSON, ALVAN C. Robinson Family Papers
295 LITCHFIELD, DEFOREST. Preston, Jacob Papers
296 LOWING, STEPHEN LAMPMAN. Lowing, Stephen Lampman Papers
298 MEAD, RICHARD TITUS. Mead, Richard Titus Papers
300 MONROE, NATHAN. Monroe, Nathan Letter
302 MOREY, JOHN R. Morey, John Rising Papers
303 MORRIS, WAYNE E. Morris, Wayne E. Papers
304 NOBLE, HENRY G. Noble, Henry G. Papers
305 NOLL, CONRAD. Noll, Conrad Papers
306 NORTHROP, HENRY HORATIO. Torrey, George D. Correspondence
307 PARRISH, HEMAN S. Butler, Charles
308 PERRY, GEORGE B. Bates, Charles F.
309 PHELPS, HENRY L. Shaw Family (Adrian, Mich.) Papers
310 PLOUGHMAN, [PLOWMAN], GEORGE. Van Vlack Family Papers
311 PRESTON, THEODORE. Preston, Jacob Papers
312 RALPH, ALFRED J. Ralph, Alfred Letter
313 RALPH, OSCAR S. Ralph, Oscar Letter
314 RANKIN, DAVID CARSON. Rankin, David Carson Correspondence
315 REED [READ, REID], THOMAS. Read, Thomas Letters
316 RICHARDSON, JONAS D. Richardson, Jonas D. Papers
317 RIPLEY, LAUREN H. Ripley, Lauren H. Reminiscences
318 ROBBINS, JEROME JOHN. Robbins, Jerome John Papers
319 ROBBINS, RICHARD B. Robbins, Richard B. Reminiscences
320 ROBINSON, WILLIAM F. Robinson Family Papers
321 ROSEBERRY, ISAAC. Roseberry, Isaac Diary
322 RUPORT, SHERMAN. Van Vlack Family Papers
323 SADLER, SILAS W. Sadler, Silas W. Correspondence
324 SAGE, JAMES A. Slayton Family Papers
325 SAXTON, HIRAM G. Butler, Charles
326 SEEGER, M. [SEEGAR, MATTHEW] Bates, Charles F.
327 SHATTUCK, LUCIUS L. Shattuck, Lucius L. Letters
328 SHAW, HORATIO WATSON. Shaw Family (Adrian, Mich.) Papers
329 SMITH, HEMAN Bates, Charles F.
330 STARR, ELI LAKE. Starr, Eli Lake Papers
331 STEKETEE, PETER. Stekete, Peter Letters
332 STRANK, S. T. Swift, Nellie Correspondence
333 SUTTON, JOHN A. Sutton, John A. Correspondence
334 TAYLOR, EDWARD HENRY COURTNEY. Taylor, Edward Henry Courtney Correspondence
335 THOMAS, STEPHEN VAN RENNSLAER. Thomas, Calvin Papers
336 THOMPSON, FRANKLIN, or SEELYE, SARAH E. E. Robbins, Jerome John Papers
337 TORREY, GEORGE D. [TORRY]. Torrey, George D. Correspondence
338 TROWBRIDGE, LUTHER STEPHEN. Trowbridge, L. S. Papers
339 TUCKER, JOHN. Tucker, John Letters
340 VANDENBURG, W. JOSEPH. Vandenburgh, W. Joseph Letter
341 VAN VLACK, ALONZO A. Van Vlack Family Papers
342 VISSCHER, WILLIAM. Visher, Harvey L. Papers
343 WALTER, SYDNEY. Walter, Sydney Letter
344 WEBB, MILO Butler, Charles Papers
345 WHEELER, CYRUS B. Noble, Henry G. Papers
345 WHEELER, CYRUS B. Wheeler, Cyrus B. Papers
346 WHITE, MENLY. Shaw Family (Adrian, Mich.) Papers
347 WILHELM, GEORGE H. Bates, Charles F.
348 WILSON, WILLIAM W. Van Vlack Family Papers
349 WINSHIP, JOHN. Winship, John Letters
350 WOODMAN, EDSON Butler, Charles
351 WRIGHT, ZENOS RUSSELL. Wright, Zenos R. Diary
352 ADAMS, DAVID L. Pomeroy, Augustus Papers
353 ANDREWS, JOHN SIDNEY. Andrews, John Sidney Papers
354 ANDREWS, NORMAN S. Andrews, John Sidney Papers
355 ARMSTRONG, JAMES W. Clark, Nathan B. Papers
356 AUSTIN, JUDSON L. Austin, Judson L. Papers
357 BARKER, RICHARD WATSON Barker, Richard W.
358 BARRETT, HUBBARD H. Barrett, Hubbard H.
359 BECHTOLD, FREDERICK W. Bechtold family
360 BLOOF, ALLEN F. Clark, Nathan B. Papers
361 BOARDMAN, JOHN DIXON. Boardman Family Papers
362 BORDNER, BENJAMIN F. Bordner, Benjamin F.
363 BRETHSCHNEIDER, ROBERT Brethschneider, Robert
364 BRIGGS, GEORGE. Campbell Family (Ann Arbor, Mich.) Papers
365 BROWN, WILLIAM H. Andrews, John Sidney Papers
366 BUMP, HENRY Bump, Henry
367 BUSSEY, JEROME. Crouse, Robert Letters
368 CALDWELL, WILLIAM CLINTON. Caldwell, William Clinton Correspondence
369 CAMP, JAMES W. Ness, Nina L. Collection
370 COE, JAMES Crouse, Robert Letters
371 CONVERSE, GEORGE D. Converse, George D. Papers
372 COON, JESSE. Fitch, Morris E. Papers
373 COVEY, ALFONZO. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
374 COVEY [CONEY], ELEAZER J. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
375 COVEY, [CONEY] G. R. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
376 COVEY, HIRAM F. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
377 COVEY, ISRAEL P. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
378 COVEY, JERDIN. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
379 COWELL, DANIEL W. Van Hoosen, Joshua Papers
380 CRANE, EUGENE W. Crane, Salmon Papers
381 CRANE, THEODORE HORACE. Crane, Salmon Papers
382 CREQUE, THEODORE D. Creque, Theodore D. Letter
383 CURRY, JAMES L. Curry, James L. Papers
384 CUTCHEON, BYRON MAC. Cutcheon, Byron Mac Autobiography
385 DAVIS, ALBERT[Transferred to William L. Clements Library]
386 DENNIS, GEORGE E. Pomeroy, Augustus Papers
387 DEWITT, JOSEPH. Crouse, Robert Letters
388 DOVE, WILLIAM Bigelow, Horace O.
389 DURFEE, CHARLES D. Pomeroy, Augustus Papers
390 ELLIS, HIRAM R. Shaffer, George T. Papers
391 FAIRMAN, SEBRE H. Fairman Family Papers
392 FARNILL, JOHN S. Campbell Family (Ann Arbor, Mich.) Papers
393 FIFER, WILLIAM. Fifer, William Papers
394 FINDLEY, ROBERT. Crouse, Robert Letters
395 FISHER, JOHN[Unidentified]
396 FITCH, MORRIS E. Fitch, Morris E. Papers
397 FITZGERALD, MICHAEL W. Fitzgerald Family Papers
398 FOLLMER, JOHN DANIEL[Transferred to Historical Society of Pennsylvania]
399 FOSTER, QUINTUS. Crouse, Robert Letters
400 FOX, BENJAMIN B. Crouse, Robert Letters
401 FRANKLIN, WILLIAM. Campbell Family (Ann Arbor, Mich.) Papers
402 GIBBS, JOSIAH, H. Van Hoosen, Joshua Papers
403 GIBBS, ORAMILL. Van Hoosen, Joshua Papers
404 GIBBS, ROBERT I. Van Hoosen, Joshua Papers
405 GRAVES, ALBERT. Fitch, Morris E. Papers
406 GRAY, GEORGE. Kidd, James H. Papers
407 GREEN, CHARLES V. Green, Sullivan D. Papers
408 GREEN, SULLIVAN DEXTER. Green, Sullivan D. Papers
409 GRISSON, SAMUEL. Grisson, Samuel Letters
410 GRISWOLD, JOSEPH BASCOM. Griswold Family Papers
411 HALE, LUTHER F. Andrews, John Sidney Papers
412 HAMMOND, GEORGE E. Sheldon Family Papers
413 HAMPTON, MRS. C. C. Hampton, Will E. Papers
414 HAMPTON, CARLOS D. Hampton, Will E. Papers
415 HAMPTON, FRANK. Hampton, Will E. Papers
416 HAMPTON, WILL E. Hampton, Will E. Papers
417 HARRISON, CHARLES V. Harrison, William H.
418 HATHAWAY, ALBERT L. Crouse, Robert Letters
419 HAYDEN, JASPER. Hayden Family Papers
420 HEALD, WARREN E. Heald, Warren E. Papers
421 HEMINGWAY, LUTHER. Hemingway, Luther Letter
422 HILL, CHARLES L. Hill, Charles L. Papers
423 HOUGHTON, WILLIAM. Houghton, William Letter
424 HUDSON, CHARLES T. Hudson, Charles F. Reminiscence
425 HULBERT, NATHAN. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
426 ISHAM, REUBEN B. Crouse, Robert Letters
427 JOHNSON, BENJAMIN C. Johnson, Benjamin C. Papers
428 KEPLER, L. MONROE. Moore Family Papers
429 KIDD, JAMES HARVEY. Kidd, James H. Papers
430 KIRK, NEWTON T. Crouse, Robert Letters
431 LANGDON, J. C. Smith, Peter Letters
432 LANGLEY, EDSON. Moore Family Papers
433 LAWRENCE, GEORGE W. Ness, Nina L. Collection
434 LEHMAN, FREDERICK. Lehman Family Papers
435 LEHMAN, JOHANNES. Lehman Family Papers
436 LOVEJOY, WILLIAM P. Campbell Family (Ann Arbor, Mich.) Papers
437 LYNCH, JOHN. Fitch, Morris E. Papers
438 LYON, SANFORD W. Lyon, Sanford W. Papers
439 MATHEWS, AMASA E. Ryder Family Papers
440 MAY, F. W. Ness, Nina L. Collection
441 MEAD, CHARLES. Mead, Charles Papers
442 MOGK, GEORGE C. Mogk, George C. Papers
443 MOORE, DEWEY. Moore Family Papers
444 MUNGER, MELVIN. Munger, Melvin Letter
445 MUNSON, MARION. Van Hoosen, Joshua Papers
446 MYERS, ELI. Myres, Eli Papers
447 NEER, HENRY. Neer, Henry Papers
448 NOBLE, ALFRED. Ryder Family Papers
449 NORTH, S. JACK. North, S. Jack Papers
450 O'HARRON, [W.] EDWIN. O'Harrow Family Papers
451 PACKARD, ALONZO. Ness, Nina L. Collection
452 PADDOCK, BYRON D. Andrews, John Sidney Papers
453 PARKER, SILAS L. Ness, Nina L. Collection
454 PEMBERTON, CHARLES C. Stanard Family Papers
455 PENLAND, [PENLUND], HIRAM F. Penland, Hiram F. Diary
456 PHELPS, W. W. Phelps, Jessie Papers
457 POMEROY, AUGUSTUS. Pomeroy, Augustus Papers
458 POOR, D. M. Poor, D. M. Letter
459 POST, EBENEZER. Wilson, Ellen Correspondence
460 PRICE, CHARLES A. Price, Charles A. Letters
461 RANDALL, WILLIAM H. Randall, William H. Reminiscences
462 RAYMOND, WILLIAM E. Raymond, William E. Papers
463 RENICK, JOHN H. Renick, John H. Diaries
464 ROE, WILLARD. Pomeroy, Augustus Papers
465 ROOT, ROSWELL L. Fairman Family Papers
466 ROSSETTER, JOHN O. Crouse, Robert Letters
467 RYDER, ALFRED G. Ryder, Alfred G. Diary
468 RYDER, JOHN E. Ryder Family Papers
469 SAYERS, SAMUEL. Crouse, Robert Letters
470 SHAFFER, GEORGE T. Shaffer, George T. Papers
471 SHAFTER, WILLIAM RUFUS. Shafter, William Rufus Papers
472 SHAW, EDWIN, O. Shaffer, George T. Papers
473 SHAW, JOHN. Shaw, John Papers
474 SIMMONDS, GEORGE W. Kidd, James H. Papers
475 SLAVER [SLOVER], JOHN F. Hulbert, Rosanna Covey Papers
476 SMITH, JOHN A. Smith, John A. Papers
477 SMITH, PETER. Smith, Peter Letters
478 SMITH, WILLIAM GEORGE. Crouse, Robert Letters
479 SOUTHWORTH, SAMUEL D. Southworth, Samuel D. Letters
480 STICKNEY, J. N. Gorham, Charles T. Correspondence
481 STRONG, HENRY N. Woodbury, Dwight A. Papers
482 TAYLOR, NAPOLEON B. Van Hoosen, Joshua Papers
483 THOMPSON, HENRY, E. Kidd, James H. Papers
484 TOWER, D. W. Moore Family Papers
485 TOWNSEND, GEORGE W. Townsend, George W.
486 TOWSLEY, ANDREW. Ness, Nina L. Collection
487 TRACY, HENRY L. Lyon, Sanford W. Papers
488 TRAVIS, JOHN D. Travis Family Papers
489 TREMBLEY, OLIVER C. Trembley, Oliver C. Letters
490 TULLEY, THOMAS. Harrison, William H. Papers
491 TYLER, GEORGE B. Andrews, John Sidney
492 VAN GIESON, LEWIS K. Fairman Family Papers
493 VAN HOOSE, NATHAN. Van Hoosen, Joshua Papers
494 VAN VALIN, OLIVER W. Van Valin Family Papers
495 VOSBURGH, WASH. Vosburgh, Wash Papers
496 WAY, WILLIAM C. Ryder Family Papers
497 WHEELER, CYRUS B. Wheeler, Cyrus B. Papers
498 WHITEHEAD, EDWARD C.[Transferred to William L. Clements Library]
499 WHITESIDE, JOHN. Whiteside, John C. Papers
500 WILLETT, JAMES W. Willett Family Papers
501 WILLIAMS, THOMAS H. Williams, Thomas H. Papers
502 WOODBURY, DWIGHT A. Woodbury, Dwight A. Papers
unnumbered MICHIGAN INFANTRY. 20th REGIMENT, 1862-65. Association of the 20th Michigan Infantry Volunteers
unnumbered MICHIGAN INFANTRY, 6th REGIMENT, 1861-65. United States. Army. Michigan Artillery Regiment, 6th (1863-1865). Co. F Records
unnumbered MICHIGAN INFANTRY, 11th REGIMENT, 1862-65. United States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 11th (1861-1864) Quartermaster Records
unnumbered MICHIGAN INFANTRY, 16th REGIMENT, 1862-65. United States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 16th (1861-1865) Quartermaster Records
unnumbered MICHIGAN INFANTRY, 1st REGIMENT, 1861-65, COMPANY F. United States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 1st (1861-1865). Co. F Quartermaster Records
unnumbered MICHIGAN INFANTRY, 4th REGIMENT, 1861-65, COMPANY H. United States. Army. Michigan Infantry Regiment, 4th (1862-1865). Co. H Records