Michigan in the Civil War

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Goodrich, Edward Payson.

The papers of this Michigan Presbyterian clergyman include letters from several soldiers:

E. V. W. Brokaw. One letter (Oct- 7, 1862) written from Camp Jackson, Mich. Brokaw, of Odessa, Mich., was a musician in Company I, 26th Michigan Infantry.

Abram E. Garrison. A letter (Aug. 27, 1863) tells about the siege of Port Hudson. Garrison, of Allegan, Mich., was a sergeant in Company G, 6th Michigan Infantry, and later a first lieutenant in 1st Corps d'Afrique.

Albert C. Wilson. A letter (Nov. 5, 1863) describing the trip from Allegan to Corinth, and skirmishes with guerrillas. Wilson, of Allegan, Mich., was in Company A, 3rd Michigan Cavalry.