Michigan in the Civil War

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Lockwood family.

Aaron Lockwood was born July 8, 1825 in Wentwang With Fimber, Yorkshire and later immigrated to the United States with his brothers William and Joseph. He married Selina Van Wormer (born 1814, New York) on June 12, 1863 in Jackson County, Michigan. The couple grew wheat, corn, and oats on their 80 acre farm in Concord, Jackson County. Selina died on February 8, 1895 and Aaron followed eight days later, both in Spring Arbor, Michigan. Contains three letters written by Aaron and Selina Lockwood to Lockwood family members in England between 1863 and 1866. Aaron laments the scarcity of farm labor due to the American Civil War and the imposition of a national draft (an event which led him to lie about his age to avoid service). Selina notes the draft will occur in January 1864 and references the heavy costs of the war. Her letter from 1866 rejoices in the end of the war and abolition of slavery, but frets about the state of the Union after Lincoln's assassination.

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