Michigan in the Civil War

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Clark, Nathan B., 1838-1863.

A diary (Sept. 1862-Feb. 1863) contains only brief items about his life in Company H, 6th Michigan Infantry. One letter (Oct. 13, 1862), written to his wife, tells about sickness in camp and his turn at guard duty. Clark, of Chester, Mich., died of disease at Carrollton, La., February 13, 1863.

The collection also contains one letter written by Allen F. Bloof of Eaton County, Mich., from Camp McKim, October 23, 1861, to Nathan Clark. In the letter he describes the location of the camp; tells of sickness among the men, the capture of a rebel ship on the Potomac, of many regiments going through Washington and the thousands of troops stationed in and around the city; of his visit to a Zouave camp and fortifications. There is a note at the end of his letter to Mr. Clark from James W. Armstrong of Company F, 6th Michigan Regiment, stationed at Baltimore, Md. where he works in the hospital.