Michigan in the Civil War

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Creque, Theodore D., 1848-

He was a fifer (sixteen years of age) in Company E, 29th Michigan Infantry, from August 22, 1864 to September 6, 1865. In the one letter (date and heading missing), he says he and the drummer are the only band they have--not even a bugler. They play "the same old reveille," march the guard off, and play the surgeon and dinner calls. They are in Jefferson Barracks, Mo., "a nice place with good quarters and plenty of good grub." He describes the barracks. He and the drummer have guns and drill with the Infantry. There is a large church where meetings are held each Sunday. It has a piano and a Christian Commission room where books are kept to lend to soldiers and a writing room where paper and envelopes are furnished. They will be paid in a few days, $18 dollars per month. Creque was from Owosso, Mich.