Michigan in the Civil War

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Ellsworth, Alice

Papers collected by this resident of Ann Arbor, Mich., include a collection of the papers of Samuel D. Curtis of Springport, Mich., who served in Company I, 6th Michigan Infantry. One letter from Curtis (Nov. 28, 1861) is included, along with letters from several other soldiers:

James F. Deyoe, also of Company I, 6th Michigan Infantry, two letters (Jan. 31 and March 29, 1865).

Edward A. Drake of the 7th Ohio Infantry (Aug. 8, 1864).

J.W. McBride (Oct. 30, 1861?). His regiment is not identified.

Nelson R. Stevens of Company I, 6th Michigan Infantry, four letters (Sept. 4, 1864-March 24, 1865).

William R. Whitman of Company D, 24th Michigan Infantry, three letters (Dec. 28, 1861, April 22, 1865, and May 9, 1865).