Michigan in the Civil War

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Sheldon family

The papers of the family of E. A. Sheldon of Byron, Mich., include five letters written by George E. Hammond to his sister (Nov. 1861-Dec. 1863). Hammond, of Grand Rapids, Mich., enlisted in Company D, 3rd Michigan Infantry, as sergeant, May 13, 1861; was wounded March 1863; re-enlisted December 23, 1863 at Brandy Station, Va.; transferred to Company F, 5th Michigan Infantry as corporal, June 10, 1864, taken prisoner before Petersburg, Va., June 22, 1864. The letters are chiefly concerned about the welfare of his little daughter, left in his sister's care. After his wound healed, he helped in the care of the wounded in the hospital. In December, after he left the hospital, he was in three battles, and the men were suffering from exposure and lack of clothing and rations. On picket duty there is firing, and the Rebels are finally driven back to their breastworks, but Company D lost many men in the encounter.