Michigan in the Civil War

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Field, Frederick N., b. 1841.

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Six letters (1862-1865) written to his brother. He describes Camp Palmer; gives a graphic account of a march in pouring rain and the night spent sitting on shocks of wheat; tells of the capture of their picket line through the countersign, of the soldiers' vote, of enlisting men from the South as substitutes for northern draftees; gives details of the battle in which he was wounded and criticism of officers in command. Field was a sergeant in Company A, 1st Michigan Cavalry; reported missing in action at Manassas; first lieutenant, Company D, 10th Michigan Cavalry; wounded in action and taken prisoner at Henry Court House, Va., and returned after Lee's surrender. He was from Grand Rapids, Mich.

The collection also includes one letter (Sept. 4, 1863) from Capt. George W. Lee relating to transportation charges for Field.

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