Michigan in the Civil War

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Stanard family

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The papers of this Flint, Mich., family include Civil war letters of three family members:

Hercules Stanard. Thirty-four letters (1861-1865) written to members of his family. They tell of the trip from Fort Wayne to Washington, of camp duties, of his illness and the flies. Stanard was in Company K, 2nd Michigan Infantry. He was wounded in action at Campbell's Station, Tenn., November 16, 1863.

William B. Stanard. Twenty-one letters (1861-1864) written to members of his family. He was an artificer in Company E, Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, and writes a little about wagon trains in the mud, about repairing railroads, and describes the farm lands. Most of the letters express his worries concerning his family.

William N. Stanard. Four letters to his cousin (1862, 1865). Stanard was a musician in Company B, 1st Michigan Infantry, 1861-1865.

Also letters from two other soldiers:

Ed Bebee. A letter (Feb. 5, 1862) from Lebanon, Ky., to Betsey Stanard. He tells of a forced march in a vain effort to reach the battle against Zollicoffer. Bebee was in Company I, 4th U.S. Artillery.

Charles C. Pemberton, of Lapeer, Mich. A letter to his uncle, Lester Parish, from Knoxville, Tenn. (Nov. 5, 1864) in which he says he hasn't written because the regiment has been on the march. They expect to stay in Knoxville for the winter. Pemberton was in Company C, 10th Michigan Cavalry (1863-1865). He was taken prisoner at Morristown, Tenn., November 13, 1864, returned May 12, 1865, and discharged August 22, 1865.

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