Michigan in the Civil War

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Tucker, Stephen Davis, 1818-1902.

The papers of this New York printing press manufacturer contain letters by and about his brother, Charles Tucker, a schoolteacher in Marianna, Fla. and Confederate soldier held prisoner in New York State. The letters tell two different stories of Charles Tucker's military activities. In one version, when news reached Marianna that a Union raiding party was coming, he dismissed school, and with some of his pupils, borrowed guns, joined the militia, and marched out to meet the enemy. In the other version he was forced to join the militia against his will. In both stories all the members of his militia unit were captured, wounded, or killed. Tucker died of disease, Dec. 11, 1864. The collection contains two letters from Charles Tucker (Nov. 18 and Dec. 10, 1864) written from Castle William, Governors Island, N.Y., and from Hospital 7, Prison Camp, Elmira, N.Y., to his brother. He asks for a complete wardrobe, blankets, etc., as he is "totally destitute."

There are letters from other prisoners, A. H. Bush (Dec. 1, 1864), L. B. Jones (Jan. 13, Feb. 5, and Feb. 10, 1865), John Andrews (undated), L. W. Spencer (Dec. 27, 1864), and Thaddeus W. Hentz (Mar. 1 and Oct. 18, 1865) about Charles's illness, death, and belongings. Also one letter (Jan. 13, 1865) from Anthony E. Stocker, surgeon in charge at the prison.

The collection also contains two letters (Nov. 17 and Dec. 21, 1862) from G. T. Woodbury, of Battery B, 1st New Jersey Artillery, written from Virginia.