Michigan in the Civil War

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Tuttle, James Gilmore, 1839-1906.

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A narrative of his first enlistment and of his imprisonment written in 1901. Tuttle was in Company F, 4th Michigan Infantry, when taken prisoner at Falls Church, Va., August 10, 1861. The narrative is a lively account of the train trip through Baltimore, and of his capture when on advance post duty, with many details of prison life in a Charleston jail, Castle Pinckney, Columbia, S. C., and Libby Prison. He tells of plans for escape, of his escape with two companions, and of their wanderings for a month before being recaptured. He was paroled and discharged in May, 1862. In December, 1863, he enlisted in Company A, 17th Michigan Infantry, and was transferred to Company B, 2nd Michigan Infantry, in June, 1865. The narrative does not cover this period of his service. Tuttle was from Wayne County, Mich.

The library also has a paper by Tuttle's son, John Tuttle, entitled "Memories of my father's second enlistment in the Civil War," which contains quotations and summaries of James Gilmore Tuttle's recollections of his second enlistment.

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